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How are you able to provide USA only views?

We use the industry standard for IP geolocation to first check to make sure visitors are from the United States based on their IP address, and only visitors that are from the US are routed through to your video. This way, 100% of your views from us will be from visitors in the United States. This is more resource-intensive and takes more time for orders to complete, but this way, you're receiving the highest quality targeted views from a country of your choice.

Will I receive any views from other countries?

There are two possible scenarios where you will receive views from countries other than the US. First is that it can happen organically - we can guarantee that 100% of your views from us will be from users with a USA IP address, but if your video gets traffic organically, either from search engines or from YouTube's internal network, those videos can and will have visitors from other countries. This is outside of our control, and these visitors aren't coming from our service. The second scenario is that a user is using a USA proxy or VPN, so it appears to our service that they are in the United States, but they may in fact reside in another country. This is a rare occurence, but IP geolocation is not perfect, so it's possible a very small percentage of users could be using a USA IP address.

What is the retention of these views?

On average, your viewers will stick around for a few minutes. Some visitors may leave after only 30 seconds, and some may stay up to 5 minutes or longer, but on average we've seen about 2-3 minutes of retention. If view retention is important to you, you may want to consider our High Retention Views service.

How stable are these views?

USA views are traditionally more stable than Worldwide views, especially if your video is in English and you are based in the United States. These have a lifetime guarantee along with the rest of our services, and it is very unlikely that you will encounter any drop-off with this service, even on orders over 100,000 views.

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