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How Has Facebook SEO Optimization Changed in 2013?

Published by James Parsons on 07/01/2013


Optimizing a Facebook fan page requires effort and knowledge of search engine optimization techniques. Although Facebook fan page optimization is similar to Facebook optimization, there are some subtle differences that will help companies generate traffic to their websites and win fans or convert sales. This requires significant effort or a professional SEO expert. Here are some tips that may help you optimize your website.

Here are five tips to follow for success in optimizing your fan page:

1. Create a Good Perfect Profile Picture

Facebook profile pictures give fan pages more personalization and are recommended. Experts recommend that Facebook pictures be 200 pixels wide, but the height can be variable. The system has tools that will crop the image and generate a thumbnail that the public will view. The 12-pixel border will be placed around typography or logo. This will prepare the picture for automatic cropping.

While pictures do not seem to be that important, a picture can say more about a company or product than words. It is important to select a picture or logo that conveys your company’s brand image or your fans will lose interest; SocialMediaExaminer wrote a great piece on this very element. High quality resolution is important in photograph selection.

Do whatever possible to make your profile picture stand out and be memorable for visitors on your site. Whatever you choose, your picture should be professional and be resized to fit all types of screen types. Tools are available to facilitate with this process.

2. Optimize Your Website’s Share Preview

Sharing links is another way to optimize your Facebook fan page for SEO. Most designers use the Links application built into the Publisher box to accomplish this goal. The Links application is located at the top of the Wall.

The application will present a number of images when anyone links to your site. Customers can select from these images to present to their fans or people considering becoming a fan. A custom Share Preview image should be used if the site is primarily Flash-based. Custom Share will aid in the compatibility of the site with the image and minimize complications.

There is no perfect size for photographs in Share Preview, but most people prefer the 100 pixel square preview. The photograph may require some resizing, but it is not difficult. Most people of basic skill level can handle the resizing exercise.

Imaging resizing is an essential component of optimization. It will affect how the picture loads on the page and affect the customer’s perception of the company. This aspect of optimization should not be neglected.

3. Vanity URLs and Custom Domains Can Help in the Optimization

Vanity URLs are offered to brands with at least 100 fans. These companies are established and can benefit from personalized advertising. Studies have shown that this type of URL can help to generate traffic to companies. Traffic helps companies gain more fans, subscribers, and sales.

Some website owners prefer to use a domain and point to an existing Facebook Page. This same principle can be applied to Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Vanity URLs can help people remember your company and website easier. If they see your company’s URL on a billboard, t-shirt, or hat, it will be easier to recall when the person is typing it into their mobile web browser or computer’s browser. For instance, if you decide to advertise your company that sells cupcakes on, it will be easier to remember than an unrelated URL without frequently searched keywords. Keep this fact in mind when optimizing your Facebook fan page.

4. Targeting Fans and non-Fans With Specific Content

Every fan and non-fan will respond to content presented on a website based on their interests and preferences. Facebook pages can be designed to display content to appeal to each group’s interests and preferences. This will make it easier to attract and keep fans and also to make sales conversions. Examples of targeted content include displaying “Thank you” when people become fans or displaying “Become a Fan to see exclusive content/promo code/offer” to encourage fans to subscribe.

This is not always an easy endeavor. It requires copious research and testing to determine what will work for various audiences that may be interested in your product or services. SEO experts can be hired for this endeavor, or you can try to take on this task yourself with special tools.

5. Optimization is Also Affected By Your Publishing Schedule for Content

Fresh new content will provide more visibility for your website. People who post too often will have some of their page updates hidden and may lose fans. Posting too infrequently will cause an organization to lose fans also. The best way to encourage visits is to vary the types of content on the website.

For instance, on one day you might post a link. On the next day, you may post a note, video, or photograph. This will generate more interest and take the monotony out of reading posts daily. Keep in mind that most interaction should occur in 24 hours or the update will fall out of the feed.

All interaction should be recorded on a schedule. On the Insights page, the activity can be compared to exported stats data. The Total Interactions page will help you determine which content types get the most traction and conversation. Removed fans can also be tracked to determine why fans requested to be removed from the Facebook page.

Optimization can bring more traffic to a Facebook fan page, which may result in increased sales and also subscribership. This generates better conversations and inclusion in the group. An optimized Facebook fan page will create loyal fans because promotional deals can be offered to facilitate this cause. Facebook has also been used as a customer service tool.

Because Facebook is used for so many different purposes, it is imperative that the Facebook Fan Page be optimized for success. Create a Facebook fan page and optimize it to create financial success and increase exposure. This process is just one component to quality optimization.