Automate your
social media growth

Let our team of professionals grow your social media pages with measurable outreach and promotion.

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Increase your exposure

We’ll work to build your mentions, reach, page likes, traffic, and followers through our manual social promotion.

Painless deployment

Let us do the heavy lifting. Your dedicated account manager will provide actionable insights and regular progress reports.

Advanced analytics

Every campaign includes a Raven Tools pro account access ($99/mo value) for intelligent reporting and powerful features.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign up on our pricing page

To get started, simply sign up on our pricing page. Our Professional campaign is designed for small businesses who want to see modest monthly growth, whereas our Corporate campaign is designed for those looking for more aggressive growth.

Step 2: Introduced to our team and our client manager

Once you've signed up, you'll be introduced to our team and your client manager, who will be reporting on the progress of your campaign and will get you set up on Raven tools, which will give us detailed insight into the health of your fan page.

Step 3: Detailed reporting every month

At the end of every month, we'll be sending over a quick report of what we've accomplished and how your page has grown as a result of our work. We'll break down metrics such as reach, engagement, new fans, and brand mentions, as well as several other statistics as provided by Raven Tools.

Step 4: Constant optimization and improvement

The longer we work with you, the more we learn about your business and your target audience, which will help us consistently refine our outreach methods and learn what works best for your business. We'll be working hard every month to increase your social media exposure.

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Real Testimonials

I am hugely impressed and appreciative for the great work... and even more so by how you have massively over delivered!! Fantastic service all round - a big thank you!!! I have just passed your website details over to a friend of mine who will be signing up with you
-Brian, Lifestyle Portraits
“This company is absolutely awesome!! Theres a lot of scammers out there that offer bots and stuff and they really create a stigma to actually credible sites like this, you guys are the only company that i have found that is actually legit.”
I am sorry I doubted you, I had a very bad experience with another site that claimed to do what you did. I was just afraid it would be the same situation. Your service is working and it’s amazing. Thank you so much!
-Morgana Gordon, You Choose Life Coaching
Thanks for the quick response.I really like your customer service and that's one of the biggest reasons I have placed another order with you guys.
-Sonu, Ritu Makeup and Hair
Thanks so much for the great customer service — your candor, transparency, and desire to over-deliver are very much appreciated.
-Omri, Craft Vapery
Excellent service and really professional of you and boostlikes. I will definitely recommend boostlikes to my peers who are intending to set up their own facebook pages.
-Fairous Lee

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