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Our Permanent Fans Guarantee

Orders are covered by our Permanent Fans Guarantee. These fans are guaranteed and any lost fans will be replaced free of charge for the duration of your campaign.

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Are 100% of these fans from the United States?

Yes. While you may receive fans from other sources during the extent of our campaign (which we cannot control), 100% of the fans that we help you acquire during our USA-only Twitter follower campaigns will be from the United States. We recommend not to run any third-party ads or follower services during this campaign, as the results from your third-party campaigns may conflict with our USA-only followers campaign.

Do you do other countries as well?

Unfortunately not. Our stand Twitter services have a mix of all countries, but the only country-specific services we offer are USA-only followers. We may add additional countries in the future, but for now, we're limited to the United States.

Are these higher quality than your standard Twitter services?

Our clients tend to be happier with USA-only followers, as they receive higher engagement and sales, especially with US-based businesses and English content. The profiles may or may not be higher quality, as ultimately, we can't keep track of everybody who decides to become a follower of your page, and quality will vary (as is the nature of social media).

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