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10 Mistakes Social Media Marketers Should Avoid

James Parsons • Updated on October 13, 2023
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Social Media marketing mistakes

No one wants to make mistakes when it comes to their business. Therefore, when you make the decision to start using social media to market your goods, avoid making these mistakes.

1. Having No Pictures

Potential customers want to be able to see what you are offering; they do not want to have to guess. Be sure clear and vivid pictures are always available on the social media site. A caption is really helpful too, so people know what they are looking at, if it’s currently up for sale and, at least, the approximate price they can expect to pay.

2. Never Updating

If someone sees the same content every time he or she goes to your page, then the person is unlikely to ever come back. Individuals want to see fresh content, and they want to know what the latest updates are in terms of your goods or services.

3. Not Addressing Criticism

At this point, most people know the way to get a business’s attention is to write on its Facebook page or comment on its Twitter. When these negative comments do appear, you absolutely must address them, and show you are taking steps to resolve the issue.

4. Constant Updating

If you are posting 200 updates per day, people are going to eventually block you. Just imagine having all of these updates from the same page popping up on your own page. For certain industries, a large number may be required, but try to tone it down. It comes off as spammy.

5. Messaging Your Friends

You also do not want to come across as overly sales-like. Let’s say that several friends of your business page are online. Sending them a message and asking if they are interested in your goods is not really what people want. Instead, update the general page.

6. Having Only Contact Information

Some Facebook pages are almost entirely blank. The business has updated its contact information, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, people do not want to see these type of pages, and they will likely search for another business.

7. Lacking Important Details

Other businesses will have all of the glitz and glamor, but they will forget to include the essential details. For example, you must put the hours of the business up on the restaurant. In the event that you are a restaurant, it’s also smart to have the menu and prices available for people to see.

8. Not Sounding Personal

One of the major advantages of social media marketing is that you can directly connect with the customers. However, when you make the decision to sound too stuffy and professional, people might be turned off and seek out other, more friendly businesses.

9. Mixing Personal with Professional

You also should not have your personal Facebook page also operating as the business account. Your family and close friends are going to start feeling as though they cannot speak to you on Facebook, and strangers may also feel odd about directly contacting you.

10. Not Frequently Checking the Page

Certain businesses will create Facebook pages, and then never check on them again. In fact, it’s really wise to have a person in your company who dedicates his or her time to working on the Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. You never know what comments will need to be addressed or what people will say on there.

These are some major mistakes made when it comes to the world of social media. Be sure that you do not make any of them or that you correct existing problems right away.


  1. Stephen Wright


    Must admit it is annoying if you have found a fantastic web page and then few weeks later you go back to it and nothing has changed, I do get disappointed.

  2. Ben E. Brewer


    I love your blog, there is so much information here that has helped me straight away – I can’t think of the number of times I’ve created an FB page and then never gone back to check it, only to discover there are a hundred people following it waiting for updates that I never gave.   This feels like a kick up the jacksie – so thanks very much for this!

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