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The 10 Most Successful Companies on Facebook

James Parsons • Updated on October 18, 2021
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One of the big knocks against Facebook, and a likely reason why the company’s stock doesn’t always do so well, is because it doesn’t appear to be a place where companies can achieve advertising success. However, there are at least ten companies that are doing things right when it comes to advertising on Facebook, and what better companies to look to than the top dogs? Let’s take a look at the best of the best.

Pizza Hut

The first of these is Pizza Hut. First of all, those spending too much time trolling on Facebook are going to get the munchies eventually. Therefore, Pizza Hut has put a lot of teaser messages on its site. All of these placements are creative and fun, and ultimately work.
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Another success story is iTunes. On Facebook, iTunes has a “featured” tab, which allows users to share songs through Facebook. Music has always been a peer-driven industry, so using Facebook to let users turn their friends on to great music is a fantastic tool.
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Ben & Jerry’s

Another Facebook winner is Ben & Jerry’s. For instance, one of their campaigns to promote its Flipped Out ice cream featured an application that would flip your text upside down. Now, how cool is that?
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Victoria’s Secret

The Victoria’s Secret success story is a no-brainer, at least for men. After all, how can it fail with cute models filling out its page? Put a pretty girl in a bikini, and the picture does all the work.
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Starbucks has learned to apply polls to its Facebook page. If you can get people to participate in polls, such as choosing one’s favorite flavors, Starbucks has learned that it keeps folks coming back again and again.
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Red Bull

Red Bull has worked hard at marketing its products to extreme sports enthusiasts. Therefore, the brand’s Facebook page features NASCAR drivers, skateboarders and the like, which helps solidify its branding approach.
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Pringles is another brand that’s smartly applied participatory elements onto its Facebook page. It allows users to review its potato chips, for instance. That can be risky because you certainly don’t want a bunch of Pringles haters to get on there and trash your brand. However, the tactic has worked because folks have had mostly good things to say about the popular, tube container chip brand.
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Coca Cola

Coca Cola has also done the Facebook thing right. It’s not particularly unique or innovative. It’s just a place for cola drinkers to write freely on its page. Coca Cola has always been a widely popular brand, which has only been extended more with the Facebook generation.
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Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures is one movie studio that has learned to use Facebook to its advantage. For starters, it contains plenty of movie trailers. Therefore, instead of looking through YouTube or various movie sites to get a taste of an upcoming movie, you can just ‘like’ Paramount Studios and always get these trailers the moment they’re available. Sure, this won’t give you every trailer for every movie, but with such popular films as “How to Train Your Dragon,” Paramount is a movie watcher’s A-list studio and a great Facebook site for anyone that loves to watch movies.
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Lastly, there’s the Gap, which came up with its app to send holiday cheer a while back, and remains one of the finest examples of a business Facebook page.
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  1. Diana Lovas


    It is good to see that some businesses are doing their advertising right, maybe some of us need to take a leaf out of their book?

  2. MitchG7


    I don’t think Coca Cola could really do wrong in any advertising.  Facebook would be adding to their sales no doubt!

  3. Ben E. Brewer


    I must admit, most of the movie ads I see are Paramount films and yes…it does actually work because I tend to remember those films better!!  Pizza Hut is another one as i always go to FB to get the latest vouchers haha

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