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8 Reasons Why Social Media Will Take Over SEO

James Parsons • Updated on October 8, 2022
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The world of SEO is one that is constantly changing and evolving. While various social media sites have been around since the 1990s, the recent surge in popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ has completely changed the way people see the internet. Due to the wealth of content found on social media sites, search engines have also started giving them a lot more weight than ever before. Is social media going to change the way we do SEO? Here are some reasons as to why this seems to be the case:

1. Social Media Sites Have High Page Rank

This is something that is naturally loved by search engines such as Google. It also means that backlinks coming from social networking sites are generally well regarded by them.

2. You Can Use Your Profile to Build Authority

Creating a profile on different social media sites gives you exposure on the internet. And with that comes authority. Having profiles on various sites reassures your website visitors and potential customers that you are “real”. This presence seems to help a lot with SEO, as search results often display social media profiles on the first page when looking for a person or company’s name.

3. These Sites Give You Unique Content

By making profiles on the popular sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, you have the ability to quickly generate unique content which will be very helpful as far as SEO is concerned. As long as you don’t copy and paste the exact same text on all of your profiles, you will quickly see the benefits of this. As always, it is crucial that you avoid duplicate content.

4. Your Fans Help You Get More Popular

Remember that social networking sites are all about sharing. This means that if you put interesting content out there, chances are high that it will be picked up by others and shared. This sharing of content helps increase your brand awareness. It also helps with your SEO, as more pages are talking about you and links back to your main site are shared by different people. This gives you a very simple way to build some backlinks.

5. Reputation Management is Made Easier

Social networking sites give users a platform to express comments about your business. If they are satisfied, you will see your pages filled with positive remarks from them, which shows to potential customers that you offer good products. For those who are unhappy about something, you can always respond to their comments directly on your page. As social media results sit high up in search results when someone looks up your business name, having positive comments appear will definitely help your business.

6. Local SEO is Made Much Easier

In addition to the main networks, you can help your SEO by being present on smaller networks if they are popular in your area. Google has algorithms that deliver local content to the user, which can be very helpful if you own a small business.

7. Social Features Help Generate Content Right on Your Site

Having a blog or comments section on your site can help you with SEO. This is because users who leave comments will generate more unique content for you, which is another thing that search engines like Google love.

8. Integrating Social Media With Your Site is Easy

Many people feel that “traditional” SEO is too complicated and time consuming to do by themselves. But adding social features to your site is very easy. All you need to do is include a comments section on your content pages, link to your social networking profiles and add “Like” buttons or “Share” buttons to page on your site.


  1. Henry


    Social media is taking over in my opinion due to how easy it is to interact with people than doing complex methods to rank your website high on Google. 

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