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Why Your Company Needs to Be on Google Places

James Parsons • Updated on December 16, 2023
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Google Places can help you to find the addresses and contact information for different companies across the world. If you have ever performed a Google search for a company or business before and have noticed the little map that pin points exactly where they are located, this feature is known as Google Places. While it comes it handy for many individuals and consumers who are performing searches for different stores or business locations, you may be wondering why your company should take advantage of this service. Listing your company on Google Places can be extremely beneficial to the general public and best of all, it is completely free! These top reasons will show you why you have your company’s information added to Google Places today.

A Free Service
If you’re a little skeptical of the exact benefits that Google Places will provide for your company, there’s no need to be concerned. Because listing your company is available at absolutely no cost to you, there’s really nothing to lose by trying out the service. Getting your company’s name and information out there to the entire world wide web could not be any easier or more affordable.

A Marketing Tool
Even if your company does not have it’s own website, placing your business’ name, address and phone number on Google Places can play a huge impact on allowing others to discover your brand and services. When someone searches for a relevant term to your business, they will discover your contact information, making this service highly marketable.

Searching the Internet
Even if your company is not very well known and others are not searching for the exact name of the business on Google, they will still be able to see you on Google Places. For example, if you run a women’s retail store in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, someone searching Google for “women’s store in Upper East Side” will more than likely see your Google Places information right after performing the search. This brings in new customers and clients whether or not you have your own website. The Google Places feature will show users your company name, address, telephone number and website address if you have one. Think of it as an easier to use version of the Yellow Pages.

Rather than paying for SEO marketing services to get your company’s name out there, setting up a Google Places account can be completed by yourself in just a matter of minutes. You are always able to go in and edit the information to keep it up-to-date and appealing to your customer base. In addition to the typical information that you will find when searching Google Places, you are also able to add operating hours, accepted payment methods, services, photos and additional information that is relevant to your company.

A Feel for Your Company
Google Places can give potential customers and clients a real look into exactly what your company stands for and is about. By simply uploading some images to Google Places, you will be showing off what your business looks like and just how appealing it can be to others. Pictures of the facility, offices and staff members can help to give customers insight to the company and even to gain their trust in future endeavors. Google Places is truly one of the best ways to get your company’s name out there in various corners of the internet. It’s free, easy to use and will really benefit the company.


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