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3 Steps to Make Your Blog Facebook Like Friendly

Published by James Parsons on 02/14/2013
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Make your blog Facebook like friendly

Facebook is a bustling social site, not only for millions of people, but also for blogs and websites. Companies such as Apple, Target, and TJ Maxx already have a huge amount of subscribers simply because their websites are Facebook friendly. Blogs are no exception – they need to take advantage of Facebook’s active visitors and steer traffic their way. The best way to do this is to keep one’s blog as Facebook friendly as possible, that way a blog’s content can be simultaneously published on Facebook and attract more visitors. Here are three steps that will help blogs seize their full potential and increase subscribers:

1. Like Box

The like box is extremely important to have installed on any website or blog. Without it, blogs lose the chance to draw customers in. Blogs that do integrate the like box into their webpage, however, drastically improve the number of likes the blog has on Facebook. For example, think of someone who is browsing through a blog: if he or she really enjoys the blog, and they see a like box that displays the number of likes a blog has as well as other users who have liked it, viewers will be more likely to like the blog or website.

Even if a blog does not have many likes, the like box is still a vital aspect of any website. Some blog users have reported that by placing the like box on their website, the number of fans increased by 1000%. Of course, percentages will vary, but nonetheless, their testimony is proof enough that like boxes work well. While the location of a like box can seem tricky, the best place to install it is on the blog’s side bar.

2. Subscribe Button

Although the like box is extremely significant in attracting visitors, it is not enough to spread information about the blog or website. Many viewers prefer a subscribe button, which allows users to develop a connection with a person, not a page. The subscribe button also allows blog users to interact with their viewers directly. Mari Smith, a fellow blogger, said it took her four years to get 60,000 fans, but it only took four months to get 125,000 subscribers. Clearly, the numbers speak for themselves. The number of subscribers can also be displayed beside the subscribe button. Getting subscribers is easier than recruiting fans, so work on building communications with viewers and increasing subscriptions.

3. Comment Sections

One of the amazing tools Facebook offers is the comments system. They are particularly beneficial for blogs, since whenever someone leaves a comment in the comments section, it is published on their timeline. Not only does this increase the exposure of the blog, the viewer’s friends could become potential subscribers. Overall, the comments section is a great exposure tool used to increase blog traffic and subscriptions.

By following these steps, blogs will better be able to achieve success and expose their website to large audiences.


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