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5 Ways to Be an Effective Social Media Marketer

James Parsons • Updated on December 20, 2023
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Working as a social media marketer is a new position in today’s society due to the large amount of companies trying to promote their services through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Most companies become more exposed this way, and by hiring a social media marketer they’re able to gain more business in a short amount of time.

Although a social media marketer can promote a company’s services more than the company has time for, there are still a few important characteristics they’ll need to ensure the success of the company.

1. The Social Butterfly

One of the most important characteristics of a social media marketer is to be a social butterfly, both on the Internet, and off of it. If they’re not naturally social and talkative, then it’ll be a challenge to fake it when working as a marketer. An all-star social media marketer is one that gets energy off of socializing with people, promoting brands they love, and using their personality and talent to gain an audience and a following.

2. Creativity

A great social media marketer is one that is creative and thinks outside of the box. This is someone who is going to continuously be bringing in more traffic and will never have a simple formula to getting their job done. One week they may grab the audience’s attention by throwing a fun contest, the next week building a survey to learn more about the public. With creativity, the audience will be better engaged and will be more inclined to use the company’s services and even willingly promote them on their own.

3. Proper Education

Although many different types of people can be trained in social media marketing, the best ones are those who have received proper education on the tools they need to utilize to effectively market a person, brand, or event. They should be educated in SEO, AdWords/PPC, and general social media marketing. Those who have education in this position, along with a social personality, will be one step ahead the other companies who aren’t as experienced with promoting their services.

4. Writing Skills

One of the main duties of a social media marketer is to be a great writer. Writing is one of the largest components of this position, and audiences are most receptive to writing that is clear, concise, and colorful. They should be able to write professionally if it’s required and be able to write in different tones and voices to better represent the company they’re working for. The marketer should also understand basic grammar skills and proper spelling because everything they write will be analyzed and read by hundreds, if not thousands of people. The marketer should be a perfectionist with their writing and editing skills to better promote the company and make it appear as professional as possible.

5. Goal Oriented

The best social media marketers are those that have goals for themselves for the company they’re promoting. They should be able to measure the success of campaigns they run and have targets they want to hit to ensure they’re promoting the company successfully. If they fail at hitting the targets, they’ll make tweaks and adjustments to ensure their efforts are without fail in the future. An all-star social media marketer is one that is always working and doesn’t just finish their work when they posted their last tweet. They are always thinking, brainstorming, and acting creatively to better promote the company and gain the audience’s attention.


  1. About the social oriented. You need to be lucky to strike the right target. For example: there is no point in trying to sell a bicycle to a skater. It’s like fishing, use the right bait for the right fish and you will surely catch more fish than you expected ;). 

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