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Don’t Buy Fake Fiverr Facebook Likes

James Parsons • Updated on February 20, 2013
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Fiverr Facebook Likes

You need Facebook likes to show your brand is popular, but no nobody wants to be a fan of a Facebook page that only has a few fans. Have hundreds or thousands of likes already and more people will choose to become a fan. It is a vicious circle, but Facebook is the best way to promote your brand using social media. If you have a website that needs traffic to make money for you, Facebook is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. Since Facebook can make a major impact on your earnings, it is worth it to you to buy fans so people will trust your brand and like it as well.

We have had several users try out gigs on Fiverr, as well as our own employees (under controlled tests). Our verdict? Do not buy likes from Fiverr. Here are a few things to know before pulling the trigger on some fake Facebook fans from Fiverr:

  1. Despite the positive reviews, likes from only stay for about a month. Unfortunately, positive reviews on Fiverr cannot be modified, so most of these users are very happy with the results… or so it seems. Try talking to any one of these people 30 days from today, and they will tell you a very different story.
  2. These likes violate Facebook’s terms of service and put your account at risk.
  3. These people are scam artists, and use the same fake accounts for every single fan page. This footprint is very quickly and easily traced by Facebook, and your likes won’t last long.
  4. You risk losing your page permanently; it can suddenly disappear and redirect to the Facebook homepage (we’ve seen it happen many times).
  5. There is no refund once your likes disappear.
  6. These users are empty shell accounts controlled by a program. They will not generate traffic, activity, or benefit your page in any way (while they last).

If you’re going to purchase likes, it is highly recommend you purchase real human Facebook promotion; you won’t have to worry about real likes from legitimate accounts disappearing. You will also get a guarantee that you will retain your promised number of likes. What happens when your Fiverr Facebook likes disappear? Unfortunately, nothing; once you accept that the work you paid for on Fiverr, the worker is paid, and you have no recourse because Fiverr does not hold sellers to his or her promises. If the seller promised you likes from active accounts and Facebook purged your likes for being fake, Fiverr will not help you. A scam artist on operating on Fiverr does not appear to concern the company, as there is nothing on their Web site that tells buyers what to do if they feel they were ripped off.

You cannot afford suspicious promotion drawing Facebook’s attention. Stay away from Fiverr and other sites that allow people to sell a service that can harm your company’s reputation. Be wary of any individual that promises 1,000 likes in 30 seconds. Pay for fans from legitimate companies like if you want a better Facebook reputation and to significantly grow your Facebook account with real human Facebook promotion.


  1. Linda Davidson


    Wow, I wish I’d seen this post a while back. I spend almost $50 on this scam. Thank you for spreading the word!

  2. mibtp


    How long do Fiverr likes generally stay?

  3. hron023


    I made this mistake. All of them were gone within a week, but it was too late since I already rated it as good on Fiverr.

  4. Danial Howe


    Coming up this week we’ll be discussing how one fiverr seller pocked over $3000 in sales without delivering anything… the story will have you thinking twice before parting with your next $5

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