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How to Reach 10,000 Facebook Fans on your Page

James Parsons • Updated on November 4, 2023
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Setting up a Facebook page for yourself, your blog, or your band is easy, but how do you get more people to like it? The ultimate goal is to get 10,000 fans. Reaching that number is going to take some hard work, but it is definitely something you can do. Here are some ways you can get more fans on your Facebook page.

1. Mention it on other platforms

Do you have a blog? Encourage your blog readers to access your Facebook page. Mention it on Twitter. Put it in your email signatures. The more places you mention your new page, the more likely it is that you’ll get new responses and likes.

2. Invite people you know

On your Facebook page, you can invite your personal Facebook friends to like it, as well as email or Skype contacts. A personal invitation is more likely to bring them over than just a general Facebook announcement, so feel free to ask them individually in your invites to encourage them.

3. Post content your audience will love

Whether it’s a funny picture or a new song, regularly update your Facebook page with content your readers will want to share. Every time they share something you’ve created, it will bring new viewers back to your Facebook page. If one of your posts goes viral, you could have thousands of followers in a matter of hours. Focus on the quality of the content to draw people in.

4. Post regularly

Nobody wants to follow a Facebook page that hasn’t posted anything in months. What’s the point? Make sure you post at least once a day, even if it’s something small. Don’t go overboard, though – spamming people’s Facebooks, whether it’s good content or not, is a good way to get unfollowed.

5. Offer an incentive to like your page

This works especially well for businesses. Encourage people to like the page for a one-time discount on services or a free coupon. This isn’t the same as buying fans, as people will still have to use your services to get the discounted services. It does help draw in Facebook users who are not sure whether to like your page or not.

6. Use Facebook’s “Insights” tab on your Facebook page to analyze your traffic

This will give you an idea where the majority of your likes are coming from and where to best channel your energy. Are most of them mobile? Then make sure your page is mobile-friendly. Are they coming from friend referrals? Continue to make your page easy to share and encourage your followers to share it. You can learn a lot from this page about what you’re doing right.

7. If you consistently do these things, you will find your likes growing every day

It will take a little time, but you can reach that goal of 10,000. When you do, celebrate with your fans, and be sure to thank them. They’re the ones who got you to where you are now.


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