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Who Is The Best Facebook Likes and Fans Provider?

Kenny Novak • Updated on December 21, 2021
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Who is the best Facebook Like Provider

Funny enough, we’ve been asked this question repeatedly: Who do we feel is the best website for buying real Facebook likes and fans, outside of Facebook Ads themselves? We can’t help but toot our own horn with this one: we are. Allow us to explain.

1. Most Providers Sell Fake Likes

The bottom line is the large majority of Facebook like resellers sell fake likes. These accounts are created with software with proxies from around the world, and are filled automatically with useless information such as fake interests, stolen photos, fake names, and other information to make these likes appear as real as possible.

Then, a program (usually controlled by a single person) sends all of these likes to a central area to like a fan page of their choice. This is free for them to do, and often times, these likes only last a week or two.

So why do people keep buying them?

2. Most Providers Are Hosted Overseas

Most companies that offer Facebook promotion are hosted overseas, and have no means of direct communication. Little do most people realize is that they do this for a reason; when your fake likes disappear, they are nowhere to be found.

These foreign websites (often built in rural locations in Russia, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines) don’t offer any sort of guarantee, and they are near impossible to contact once all of your fake likes have disappeared. How convenient.

3. Most Providers Are Cheap

And by cheap, we mean so cheap that it’s almost hard to resist. While $5 for 1000 likes sounds fantastic to nearly anyone, they are this cheap for a reason. The person on the other end of your payment is not manually building likes for you with that $5, they are clicking a “Start” button and letting their program run it’s course.

Why We Are The Best Provider

Aside from Facebook Ads themselves (which as we know, can get very pricey), we are the most reliable and affordable providers of 100% real human Facebook like promotion that there is. We have a lifetime guarantee, we are hosted in the United States (and have nothing to hide), we have live chat and 24/7 email support, and our services are proven.

Please please PLEASE, do not waste your money with fake likes. You can easily buy 1000 Facebook likes on marketplaces like, but these are all empty accounts, and could get your Facebook Page permanently removed (we’ve seen it plenty of times with these likes). If you are interested in purchasing Facebook Likes and Fans, go through a reputable and critically-acclaimed company like ours that sells only real human Facebook like promotion, all done by hand.

With anything else, you are throwing money down the toilet.


  1. Xavier Alward


    Do you guys have special reseller pricing? Please get back to me, I just used your contact form. Cheers

  2. Kay Schneider


    so you don’t provide real fans to a specific location or city? are they just from around the world in different countries or what?

  3. Kenton Betances


    I laughed at the Fiverr part. you definitely can get 1000 fans for $5 but you get what you pay for

  4. Cheryl Hall


    Thanks for outlining this Boostlikes, this is why we buy solely from you 🙂

  5. Md Shohidul Islam Robin


    Nice Post Dear 🙂

  6. Guello Marketing


    You say “Aside from Facebook Ads themselves…” you are the best provider. You may want to reconsider that statement after viewing this video. Facebook ads designed just to get more likes may not be all they are cranked up to be:

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