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Is Purchasing Twitter Followers Against The Law?

James Parsons • Updated on December 15, 2023
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Is Buying Twitter Followers Illegal

This has long since been a controversial topic: “Is buying Twitter followers illegal, and if so, which law(s) does it violate?”

If you only hop on to Twitter as a personal user, and not for professional reasons, purchasing Twitter followers won’t really serve you a purpose. However, for businesses and public figures that want to create the perception that they are a Twitter user, building up a large follower list is important. In an effort to get the ball rolling, so to speak, some business accounts or people in the public eye will purchase a large number of followers. In theory, this will give other users more confidence about following the account as well. While buying Twitter followers by no means breaks any law, the practice is discouraged by Twitter for a number of reasons.

Most purchased Twitter followers are not manned by real people with an interest in the social media site. Rather, most sites sell Twitter followers have a number of fake accounts. Anyone can purchase Twitter followers in bulk, from 500 to several thousand, and these accounts will be programmed to begin following his Twitter page. After a fake account starts following a Twitter user, it’s unlikely it will ever engage with that user again. The only thing a paid Twitter follower has to offer is its inclusion in the list of followers, which makes the page seem like it has attracted more genuinely interested users than it actually has to boost interest.

Bottom Line: Is It Illegal?

Twitter does not support paying for followers, but purchasing Twitter followers does not violate any federal laws. The site wants it’s users to pay for advertising with Twitter, also called sponsored posts. Once a sponsored post is paid for by a user, it will show up in the feed of Twitter users who fit a certain profile. Sponsored posts link to a user profile, where someone can then choose to become a follower. This organic method of finding new followers is preferred by Twitter, along with adding Twitter buttons to outside websites and other social networks to drive traffic back to Twitter.

Businesses that sell Twitter followers are providing a service as promised for a fee, and therefore are not breaking and state or federal laws. Just because Twitter doesn’t approve of the practice doesn’t mean paying for a large group of new Twitter followers can get a user into any legal hot water. However, despite being on the right side of the law, buying followers can still put a user in a bad position with Twitter, particularly if the purchased users start spamming other users.

Paid Twitter users may end up introducing malicious links to the site of the user who purchased them, or its real followers. According to Twitter, this is one of the reasons that the practice is highly discouraged. Many fake accounts can be a guise for hacking, which will result in the legitimate followers of a Twitter page being sent spam messages in their direct message inboxes or having their accounts accessed unlawfully for the purpose of sending out spam messages.

Choose The Wrong Company, Lose Your Account

Buying Twitter Followers Illegal

Because Twitter doesn’t support the purchase of Twitter followers, it reserves the right to remove any account that it detects is not being run by a legitimate person. This may result in a sudden loss of followers that have been purchased. If Twitter shuts down the accounts of purchased users, the purchaser won’t have any legal recourse to get a refund or have the following accounts reinstated. Twitter has the legal right to remove any user at any time, including lists of fake accounts.

If you’re going to purchase Twitter Followers, purchase them from a reputable company like Boostlikes who guarantees their followers for life, and is a service that won’t have any negative impact on your account.


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