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How To Get Famous People To Follow You on Twitter

James Parsons • Updated on October 27, 2022
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Famous people have millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and most social networking sites they join, but these well-known actors, singers, and performers aren’t the only people who can gather a giant following of people on Twitter. Even minor celebrities or celebutantes (people who are famous for being famous) can garner hundreds of thousands of followers. By making a few smart moves on Twitter, it’s possible for just about anyone to get a few of those famous Twitter users as followers.

Take these steps to Twitter fame:

1. Confirm Twitter handle authenticity

Before identifying a Twitter account for following, confirm the authenticity of the account. A small blue checkmark will identify that account as a verified source and genuine Twitter feed. For every legitimate Twitter handle, there are a dozen imitators posting fake pictures and feeds. Following fake Twitter handles, is a bad way to be recognized by a valid user.

2. Choose complementary Twitter users

Some famous Twitter users might provide more benefit for following than others. A person with a blog about wrestling would probably want to snag following relationships with wrestling superstars and sports professionals, and might not want to bother with the Kardashian clan.

3. Choose active Twitter users

Twitter account ownership is terrifically common within famous circles, but that doesn’t mean every celebrity uses his or her Twitter account with any regularity. It’s not worth spending the time to seek a famous person’s following if they only update their Twitter feed twice a year.

4. Find famous people who interact with fans

Some Twitter feeds for famous people are set up by their publicity department and are just a source of promotional information about upcoming releases or marketing fodder. Famous people who interact with fans and utilize hashtags offer a giant benefit to anyone un-famous they follow.

5. Find celebrities who follow many people

A Twitter celebrity who has millions of followers yet who doesn’t follow anyone else isn’t going to follow you. Make sure that the celebrities targeted for following have a history of following other (non-famous) users.

6. Locate famous people who aren’t massively famous just yet

A celebrity that has 10 million followers will have a lot of activity and hashtag Tweets associated with their account. This means that trying to get noticed by that person might be impossible. Celebrities with something around a hundred thousand followers offer a much better chance for interaction and following. There are websites to help track this.

7. Post about the celebrity in the feed

After identifying which Twitter users to follow, start posting about that celebrity and using hashtags. Consider what that famous person is currently promoting (like a movie or an upcoming performance) and post about it.

8. Interact with the celebrity

As part of their marketing machine, celebrities on Twitter often ask questions of their followers. The best way to get that famous person to notice another Twitter account is to post interesting responses and comments. Don’t overdo the responses, however, as this is just annoying to celebrities.

9. Ask questions and create buzz

Twitter accounts for famous people provide their publicity team valuable exposure for the celebrity, and they love it when another Twitter user starts some buzz. Tweets that occur early and immediately after some positive news, offer the potential for recognition.

10. Tweet, Tweet, and ReTweet

Today Twitter is fueled by ReTweets and it’s vital to stay up to date on trending topics on Twitter that are related to a celebrity. Healthy ReTweeting action is like free content and activity for a Twitter feed.

11. Request a follow from a celebrity

After interacting successfully with a famous person or celebrity, making a request for that person to follow another Twitter feed is appropriate. The request shouldn’t be made more than once, and it’s best to wait to ask until a few positive posts and some hashtag exchanges.

12. Follow the followers of the celebrity

Twitter is a giant spidery network of users, and following the followers of a celebrity helps to strengthen that network. Engage in research of the most popular Twitter users who aren’t famous, and who that famous person follows, and follow them.

13. Avoid spam posting and excessive Tweets

Twitter has limits on the amount of posts allowed per day, but these limits are quite generous and any reputable Twitter user should never come close to exhausting that daily limit. Occasionally a live Tweeting session during an important event will require many Tweets, but care should be taken to avoid spamming because such behavior will result in a loss of followers.

14. Vacuum the account regularly

There’s no reason to have a ton of people who haven’t followed back. There are limits on how many people a Twitter account can follow, and inactive accounts make it harder to reach huge numbers of followers and earn those elusive famous Tweets. Searching through the list once a month is sufficient.

15. Earn notice outside of the Twitter-verse

A popular blog is a terrific way to get noticed by a celebrity who wants to find positive information on the internet about their projects. Twitter shouldn’t be the only forum where relationships with celebrities begin. Make sure that a “follow” button appears on every blog post.

Further Tips:

  1. Ensure your Twitter profile is complete and authentic. Photos are vital.
  2. Tweet on a regular basis. Ignored feeds won’t gain followers.
  3. Follow non-famous people regularly to create a healthy network.
  4. Never spam or threaten the celebrity or anyone else on Twitter.
  5. Avoid trying to bribe celebrities to earn a following.
  6. Be patient and put the time in to grow a positive Twitter reputation.


  1. Reed Riche


    What’s the appeal? Bragging rights?

  2. Jody Wigington


    i see Michael Jackson in the picture above, that one might be a little hard lol!

  3. Rob McGuire


    Never understood the need to unfollow people who don’t follow you back.

  4. tahbes


    You can easily find famous people’s account with iphone applications as well

  5. Annie M


    can’t understand why people want celebrities they don’t know to follow them. They want the celebrity to read every random tweet they make? I understand being interested in what a celebrity says, but why should they care about you? Not to mention with thousands of people tweeting them they probably can’t even notice the people they WANT to follow. I also think that if you address someone (@someone) in a tweet that only that person should be able to see it. Why do I want every one that follows me see what I say to someone else? If I do I wouldn’t address it, just tweet.

    • JN S


      well for me.. I only 2 celebs.. one follows me back but the one I really want to follow me back, isnt because I think she will be interested in my tweets.. to be honest I rarely have anything to say.. but I know someone she knows (in person) and I wanted to get her to kindof play a joke on him for me because he wouldnt expect her to know certain things.. and so I wanted her to follow me so that I could send her a private direct message.. I dont want to be disclosing things about her friend right out in the open on her public twitter.. so I have given myself an impossible task.. she doesnt know i know this friend of hers (a VERY good friend) and so she probably doesnt even notice my random tweets to her anyhow.. so asking her to follow me.. I will just end up looking like a creepy fan.. anyhow my point was that theres a few dif reasons someone might want to get followed by a celeb.. of course the big reason is prob to feel good.. lol

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