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Grow Your Business with Instagram Lead Generation

James Parsons • Updated on June 29, 2022
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Grow Instagram Leads

Instagram is a form of social media that has become popular with B2B marketers and other business people. The popular platform has allowed users to take photographs and share them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Users can add camera filters and vintage frames to make the photographs more attractive and appealing to the business.

Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Instagram is more effective than other forms of social media because pictures convey messages that words cannot. Business messages are more personal with pictures, and people have a better chance of understanding how the product or service can enhance human value. When people connect with an image on a personal level, they are more likely to be converted to the values that the brand provides.

What You Need to Know About Creating an Instagram for Lead Generation

You should know who your target audience is and know what they want. When you know what is appealing to them, you are more likely to create a photograph that will generate leads. Leads are often accompanied by sales conversions. Sales conversions make companies more profitable and can help companies reinvest in product or services to make them better.

Keep in mind that photographs are often integrated with text, but the text and photographs should complement each other. When the audience is engaged by the photos, they are less likely to migrate from the page, and sales conversions are more likely.

Use subject matters that will encourage people to talk about your photographs and business. Word-of-mouth advertising or sharing online is often more effective than banner advertising or other forms of online advertising. Use this to your company’s advantage to generate interest.

Online video marketing is not the exclusive purpose of Instagram. Instead, the site caters more to sharing photos. Instagram marketing can be used to leverage your brand’s image. The images can be serious, poignant, or even humorous. Companies can do whatever it takes to get the message disseminated to their targeted audience. Creating an effective Instagram marketing campaign requires that your marketers are creative and proactive about creating fresh and new images to keep an audience interested.

Brand marketers know how to leverage your brand’s image with Instagram and build loyalty. Loyal customers are important for a growing business because these customers cost less money to retain. New customers are typically a far more costly investment. In general, it is better to have many loyal customers than high turnover and investment with new customers.

Getting Started With Lead Generation

There are many ways to drive additional business to your company through your Instagram page. Here are just a few creative ways you can get started.

1. Share Staff Photographs

Staff photographs are a personal touch that many companies use to give a personal touch to their company’s brand. Many people who buy the products also want to know about how the company or staff interacts in the community and as people. For a subset of buyers, this will influence their decision to purchase products or not.

For instance, some buyers are influenced to buy when they see photographs demonstrating team work or team unity. Other buyers may be influenced by photographs demonstrating ethnic diversity or creativity within the office. Every buyer will be inspired by different photographs. It is up to marketers to determine what will be the best for the targeted audience.

Some people, for instance, may think that Google or Microsoft is a fun place to work because of their fun offices or alternative work spaces. This may encourage people to buy their products because they strive to keep their employees happy and because of their commitment to fun, individuality, and community. Keep in mind that everyone will be struck by something different, but it is up to marketing to appeal to the masses.

2. Use Instagram to Show How Your Company Interacts Within the Community

Social responsibility is a big part of creating customer loyalty. People love shopping with companies that give back to the community. Employees, interacting and giving back to the community in the form of time and money, encourage people to shop more. Every company’s marketing team has to make a decision about what will appeal to customers.

Generation Y, for instance, may want to know about the efforts in the community to save the environment and waste disposal. Other people may want to know about efforts to contribute to early childhood education in underserved communities. As long as it sells products without offending the public, the marketing team will be successful in their efforts.

3. Use Instagram to Display Your Product Offering

Display your products to your customers through Instagram. When they can physically see the products, and the product’s potential effectiveness, they are more likely to buy it. People will visit Instagram to learn more about your products and services. Educational pictures about the product or service are often the most effective in convincing customers to buy.

4. Encourage Others to Like and Comment on the Images

Instagram marketing can increase lead generation by having people like or comment on the photos. This will increase ranking in search engines and gain exposure in the marketplace. The comments will begin conversations that will help attract more people to the brand and image.

5. Use Geo-Tags to Connect with Businesses

Tagging images of the business can help customers find you when you need products and services. Local businesses and customers can find your company easier when you use geo-tags. Reaching out to customers through Instagram can prove profitable if done properly.

6. Tracking Your ROI

B2B marketers must know Instagram’s return on investment (ROI). For instance, promotional offers through Instagram may have a higher ROI than simply posting images. Through Instagram Analytics Tools like Statigram, you can review your marketing weaknesses, strengths, and also, audience engagement. Tracking your ROI can increase lead generation.

Gain More Leads with Instagram

You can gain more leads with Instagram. Every company should have an Instagram marketing strategy to gain more leads. Without a solid plan, your business will lose some its competitive advantage when other companies become more proficient with the platform.


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    Generating sales from photos, love it! Though I doubt this sort of thing is possible without including text in a photo. Awesome nevertheless!

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    The difficult part is getting enough following and outreach to actually generate those leads. You forgot including “Tag like crazy” lol

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