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How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

Kenny Novak • Updated on August 3, 2022
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How to Get More Likes on your Facebook Page

Building a following on Facebook by increasing your likes is tantamount to the success of your Facebook marketing campaign. By following a few common practices used to keep your visitors engaged and coming back to your page, you can build an authority Facebook page that will snowball in popularity.

Part 1: Get The Ball Rolling

With an effective social media campaign, a website can gain more traffic and the business can make more money. Unfortunately, most companies create a Facebook page but do nothing to gain visitors. Fortunately, a page owner should have no trouble gaining more likes for his or her business provided they follow a few rules. Here are five ways to get more likes on your Facebook page.

1. Suggest to friends

Suggest Page to Friends

When starting out, it will be difficult to gain fans. For this reason, an entrepreneur shouldn’t hesitate to turn to his or her friends list when looking for fans. With Facebook, the page owner can suggest his or her page to current friends. When doing this, a Facebook page will gain the initial fans necessary. With social media, it is crucial to hit the ground running, and when having a few friends lining the page, the social media campaign will flourish.

2. Real world

Real World Facebook Sign

A company with a brick and mortar location has a solid way to gain followers. At the physical store site, the owner should put signs on his or her windows encouraging people to follow his or her page. To take it further, the business cards should also contain the Facebook page address. The store should also train employees to convince customers to visit the social media pages of the business. When trying to convince customers, staff members should point out the benefits of following the page of the store. With real-world followers, a store will gain people who already have an interest in the product or service and the business owner will have an easier time marketing to them. Jon Loomer wrote a great post about customizable Facebook signs that you can easily hang in the office or in a window.

3. Videos

A company should use videos to market their products. When doing this, the company can also gain valuable social media followers. To do this, one would need to place an interactive link inside their video. Fortunately, this task is easy to carry out, and a person with little understanding of programming should have no problem placing a link within the video. Since some videos on the Internet go viral, it makes sense that the video owner should exploit this and put links to his or her social media sites.

4. Email signature

Email Signature

A business owner should not outright ask for Facebook followers via email. Instead, when communicating via email, the employees should have a link at the bottom of the message. When doing this, a company will gain valuable followers without bothering potential customers or business partners. Remember, a company that sends out hundreds of emails a week will gain followers with little effort when placing a small link at the bottom.

5. Website

Facebook Like Button

A website should have links to all the social media accounts of a company. The “like us” link must be at the bottom of every page. When placing the link in an easy-to-find place, a business will gain more viewers without bothering people. Luckily, an individual not trained in Web programming will have an easy time placing “like boxes” on the website. In fact, when using WordPress, a user can simply download the plugin and activate it from the control panel; alternatively, you can generate a Facebook Like widget and paste it directly into the code of your website to display a like button towards your page. Since professional websites draw hundreds of visitors a day, it is crucial to encourage visitors to check out the social media sites of the website.

Part 2: Keep them coming back

Once a business owner develops a plan to attract visitors, they must do more to build the online-presence for the company. One must remember that it is one thing to gain more traffic to a Facebook page; it is quite different to bring visitors who like the page and who engage with the company. Remember, a Facebook page must offer something to the visitor; otherwise he or she will lose interest quickly. Here are five tips to keep fans coming back.

1. Consider offering discounts

Like Us

Customers or potential customers love social media to find good deals. A company that wants to keep customers coming back and spending more money should offer discounts and sales to followers. When creating an exclusive relationship with the followers, sales will increase, and customers will come back to the page often. One must remember that a financial incentive will do wonders for a campaign and will keep clients interested in the product or service. Fortunately, the incentive need not be large; the reward can be as small as a five-dollar gift certificate or a free shipping code. Another great thing about offering a free product is that one can create brand awareness without spending money on advertising. Much like other companies do, a business, on occasion, should give gifts to customers to gain attention from new customers.

2. Engage your followers

Engage Followers

A user must engage with followers. While a company should not bother followers, it should have an open dialogue with active users. Ideally, employees would respond to inquiries and speak to customers daily. To make it easier and smoother, a business should delegate the task to one employee since it will keep the conversation fluid and flowing smoothly. When engaging with followers the company will build loyalty and will gain more followers from other people who see the activity on their pages. One must remember that social media is about engaging with users. When remembering this, a company should have no difficulty in keeping visitors interested.

3. Share fresh, quality content

Share Quality Content

When posting often, the business will stay on the forefront of people’s minds. Ideally, a company should post a few times a week. When posting too often, the page will bother people and the business may lose followers. On the other hand, when posting infrequently, people will forget about the business or idea and move on quickly. For this reason, posting a few times a week will create the buzz needed to interest followers without bothering them. Facebook is all about connecting with users, and when posting often, a company will connect with their users. Furthermore, people who are not followers may see the discussion and can end up following the page on Facebook. When creating an interest with solid and relevant posts, a business has a chance at going viral and gaining hundreds or thousands of followers quickly. Apps like Postcron make scheduling fresh content easier, if you don’t have the time to post daily.

4. Run a contest

Facebook Contests

With a well-run and well-timed contest, a business will see their number of followers explode. Many savvy business owners have taken advantage of this and gained plenty of new customers in the process. To get started, the company should come up with a solid contest gift idea. Ideally, the company should offer a free product since it will not cost the business much money and it will help the product gain exposure. After deciding on the prize, the website owner then must choose the contest method. Some Facebook page owners decide to give a reward to their thousandth follower while others choose a random user. To encourage users to engage, a site owner should take it further and reward more enthusiastic followers. For example, the business can choose, at random, a user who responds to a specified post. For an effective long-term solution, the company should offer a weekly or monthly gift to their followers. When offering an inexpensive prize every week, the business will engage with users more often and will not spend too much money in the process. Without a doubt, when having a contest or competition, a company will succeed at gaining new followers and keeping current ones happy.

5. Strive for the perfect page

The Perfect Page

To have a successful campaign, one must have a perfect page (see example, heh). Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs have an ineffective and boring page that leaves visitors yearning for more. In fact, without a well-designed page with interesting posts, a user will fail to take advantage of his or her social media presence. To get started in building a nice page, a company owner only needs to do a few things. For starters, the business must secure the Facebook URL related to the company. Next, the business must place the relevant links and information about the product or service offered. As the business grows, the company should also encourage employees to post on the page and create a buzz for the product. Finally, with pictures, a business can convince followers to spend money and fall in love with the product. Remember, keep it simple and provide all the necessary information that the visitor desires. When doing so, the Facebook page will gain visitors and keep current paying customers happy and wanting to come back for more. Without a doubt, most companies live and die by their page quality.

When running a solid campaign, a business will get incredible results. Fortunately, a Facebook page is easy to manage for most people. When starting out, the company must reach out to potential followers and give them an incentive to “like” the page. Once the site owner develops and runs his or her campaign, they must measure the success with analytics. When doing so, the page owner will see what is working and what is ineffective. In the end, when following these ten steps, a company’s Facebook page is almost certain to see a healthy increase in following. Let us know how it went in the comments below!


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