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How to Profit From Instagram’s New Video Feature

James Parsons • Updated on November 9, 2022
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How-to-Profit-From-Instagrams-Video-FeatureFacebook owned Instagram is not just limited to photo sharing anymore, it has grown into a video-sharing app, giving a tough back-to-back competition to Vine (Twitter’s video-sharing application). Apart from Facebook, Instagram has over 130 million active users (according to a recent survey). It is rapidly shaping into a handy video and photo sharing platform for Facebook users, especially larger brands. Most businesses have already started using Instagram’s video feature to market their products and services over the social network, and with Facebook’s 1+ billion worldwide users, Instagram videos are touching new heights.

Instagram’s new video feature is more like a self-explanatory tool for current users, and it is currently being used as a viral marketing tactic for most social media marketers. Instagram’s video feature is essentially a successor to TV commercials because it gives you instant access to videos from online communities and from users that you are following. The major difference between Vine and Instagram’s video feature is that Instagram is more dynamic, entertaining and advanced. Here’s why.

Instagram Video VS Vine

When comparing Instagram to Vine, it has more than 130 million users, whereas Vine has only got around 13 million. Instagram videos are limited to 15 seconds, while Vine offers just 6 seconds, which makes a huge difference. That being said, here are some ways you can take advantage of this:

Some Creative Ideas to Use Instagram’s Video Feature

  • Tutorial Videos
  • Brand Intro (Including reviews, comparisons and etc.)
  • Behind The Stage Videos
  • Product Display

Apart from these ideas, there are even ways to use Instagram’s video feature as an online marketing weapon. Here are some tips & tricks for you to take advantage of this and use Instagram’s video feature while it is still in it’s infancy:

  • Understand your target market. Who you are targeting? Where are you targeting? Why would the users be interested in your video? Ask these questions from yourself and make a fine decision. Try to focus the youth, because they are fresh-minded, trendy and optimistic.
  • Make your things flow in a relevant pattern; from the start till the end. DON’T just go off the track in any part of your video.
  • Make good use of Instagram’s tools to enhance your video’s appearance and quality. However, you must be a good videographer to upload an eye-catching video for Instagram users to view.
  • Raise your video’s entertainment and creativity bar to the fullest. People enjoy watching entertaining videos which have good creativity effects. Just make sure that you display original content to your viewers.
  • Spark a little controversy to gain more likes. But remember, DON’T overdo with it!

Some Insights about Instagram’s Video Feature…  Insights-about-Instagrams-Video-Feature

Below are some points to describe the features of Instagram’s new video tool:

  • Video Length: 15 seconds.
  • Editing Capability: Partial video editing supported.
  • Facebook In-Line Viewing Capability: Users can watch Instagram videos within Facebook just like YouTube and Facebook Media Player videos.
  • Video Filters: Custom photo filters available. Users can add filters to their videos.
  • App Integration: The video tool is integrated with Instagram app. Users can access it easily upon updating their Instagram native application.
  • Cover Image Feature: Users can select stills from their videos and use them as cover photos for the same videos. This helps in making a good impression to viewers at first sight.

4 Steps to Profit from Instagram’s New Video Feature

With its photo features, Instagram already had significant uses for digital marketers. But with the addition of video, that value just grew exponentially! In this article, we’ll explore 4 ways that you can use the new video feature to create visually compelling stories and promote your brand and marketing message online. Here’s an outline of ways you can capitalize on Instagram’s video feature for business.

Step#1: Create a short and briefing product demo with FAQs

Nothing else could help users understand better than a video. You can give a short briefing on your product or service and also include some important FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions). This would provide a great resource to your users who may ultimately become potential customers. Simply shortlist the questions which are mostly asked by your users or trigger their minds (including yours)… Use Instagram’s video feature as a great tool to market your product over the web!

Example: A cook showing his/her newly invented recipe!

Step#2: Design a portfolio

Portfolio images have become a thing of the past. They are becoming less effective as the world is advancing towards online media development. However, a 15 second video would be more effective if you are displaying a portfolio of your work. Your viewers would get to know more about your past background and it is much easier to instill trust in your audience.

Example: A fashion designer displaying models wearing his/her designed dresses!

Step#3: Introduce special offers, discounts, packages, events and etc

People get more attracted towards anything that is available for FREE. The world is full of ‘FREEBIES’ who are always in search of special discounted packages and offers. Even a free event or a one-day workshop would do the trick. Keeping this overgrowing approach in mind, you can introduce your coupons, special discount offers, contests and events with the help of Instagram’s new video feature to promote your brand further. 15 seconds would be enough, I guess?

Example: An app developer introducing a FREE one-day workshop!

Step#4: Engage more and more on Facebook and other social networking portals

The more you engage on social networking sites, the more effective results you get. Once you’re done with the video uploading part based on the above mentioned three steps, blast it over at your Facebook profile and other social networking portals including Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and etc. Make a community of people who share the same interest. Get likes, comments and shares as many as you could.

Example: A reseller of laptops and desktop computers advertising through Facebook via Instagram video!

Bonus Tip

There’s a description field with every Instagram video you upload. Write something creative and useful about your product/service or whatever you are trying to promote. You can also use the hash tag feature to monitor conversions and broaden your reach.

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