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The Ultimate Guide to Increasing YouTube Views and Exposure

Kenny Novak • Updated on June 4, 2023
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It is no big secret: the best way to get more YouTube views and exposure is to buy them through an integrated Internet marketing firm. These companies specialize in building web presence by optimizing sites and the good reputations of site owners. The cost of this service can range as low as $10 for about 1,500 views up to thousands of dollars for a million views.

Why would it be important to have so many views on a video? It is a simple matter of popularity politics. The more views you seem to have on YouTube, the more views you will continue to receive. Viewers are attracted to the videos that are the most popular or seem to be the most watched.

Musicians and music companies have learned to play this game well. They know that a sharp rise in numbers on YouTube is a strong driver of sales numbers. Paying an Internet marketing company to secure views is a mere exercise in advertising and promotion. An upfront investment of a million views has some substantial earning power at music retail outlets.

For these companies, buying views for a video is a solid strategy for increased sales, fame, better credibility with a buyer base and sometimes a video that goes viral in a matter of hours. In the music world, it would not be considered Sales Launch 101: if a company has to buy views to pique interest in a song or CD collection, it is money well spent. Whatever revenue goes out is likely to return a thousandfold.

YouTube is a very competitive environment to try to get attention. Marketing gurus at YouTube estimate that 72 hours of videos are uploaded to the site every single minute. Seventy percent of the people who are watching those videos live outside of the United States. Getting the attention of all those visitors will required some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Video managers who own channels on Youtube be savvy about how to lure visitors to their post. Here are some tips to help make the numbers continue to rise:

What’s in a Name?


Before a video is uploaded, there is an opportunity to name the original video file from the camera, the camera memory card or from your computer hard drive. Many of these files are automatically named by the camera with some obscure letters and numbers that look something like DSC000128. It is important to give this original file a real name before uploading. If you are uploading a video demonstrating a recipe, make sure the name of the dish is in the title of the original video. A video showing how to make vegetarian burritos, for example, should have that in the title.

Once the file is uploaded to YouTube, you then have a chance to name the “movie” as it appears on your channel. Before you give a title at this step in the process, it is important to find out what else is similarly titled. Type in your intended title into the search bar and view the search results on YouTube. It is smart to name your video something very close to the most popular video. It increases the chance that a viewer will click on your video while watching the most popular. Your video will also be among the suggested videos in the right sidebar simply because it is similar. If you are having trouble coming up with a name, YouTube offers a free keyword tool to help you. You can find that tool by clicking here.

Include Descriptions and Tags

Many amateur video channel managers on the YouTube site overlook the importance of video descriptions and tags. They are so excited about having a video that is available for public viewing, they do not connect the popularity of the video to the amount of information that is available to describe it. People who may be a little hesitant about clicking on your video link may quickly change their minds once they see a good description. The average text for a description is about 2 or 3 paragraphs, and the wording should include some keywords that you find with the YouTube Keyword Tool. Remember that empty filler content does not help your video. It needs to be meaningful text and use keywords in a way that does not disturb the rhythm of the paragraphs.

Tags are more helpful when it comes to searches. You are trying to put the word or words here that people will be most likely to type into the search engine to make your video come up in the search results. It is more helpful than harmful to include keywords that are spelled several different ways. Not everyone spells accurately, but you do not want to discriminate against poor spellers. They should have equal access to your video.

Hanging Out With the “In” Crowd

Once you find a video that is very popular, your comments on that video become a very powerful marketing tool. In the comments section beneath a popular video, it helps to give a complement or say something useful and meaningful. Those who agree with you or find value in what you say will want to find the videos that are attached to your name. In fact, a video icon appears with your name when you make a comment. Imagine the number of views you could receive if you comment on a video that already has more than a million views. Commenting on a few of the most popular videos increase your views tremendously.

Make It Easy For Others to Share Your Video

YouTube provides several ways for channel managers to share the content in their videos. Other watching your content can choose to embed it on their own external web sites, share the link in a private email, share the link on a social media site or add the video to their personal or private playlists. People who comment on your video can spark very lively conversations about what you have posted. Some of the comment sections have reached numbers in the tens of thousands. Eventually, this becomes a small community of people who know about and will potentially share your video.

Sometimes the comment sections on a video turn into all out wars. People often disagree on the something in the video or something that was written in the comments section about the video. While there is not always a willingness on the part of others to participate in such heated discussions, almost everyone who visits your link is interested in what is being said. When they get interested, they tell a few more people, who tell a few more people, and so on, until a lot of people are talking about your video. Even the comments on your video can earn views, and no channel manager should take this lightly.

Your Video Is Portable


Once you have saved your video to your channel, you can also embed it on your own website and ask others to do the same. Bloggers, social media strategists, discussion forums and so many other platforms can be indirect hosts for a link to your video.

A good rule of thumb is to ask friends and colleagues to help spread the word. Some of the best campaigns for promoting videos involve a lot of bloggers or people on social media sites talking about the video at the same time. Though this sometimes happens without your input, there are times when the timing of the talk is by design. Planning a blog tour or some other promotional event on another site is always helpful. As many have seen, it is a strategy that gains momentum and builds a strong following. There is rarely a time when a good conversation is happening anywhere on the planet that passersby will not try to get in on at least some portion of it. For the YouTube video channel manager, this is definitely a good thing.


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