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Fullscreen – An Adsense Alternative to Monetize YouTube Videos

James Parsons • Updated on August 6, 2013
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Fullscreen-AdsenseFullscreen is a new way to make money on YouTube and is the perfect alternative to the site’s traditional Adsense income program. Fullscreen is more than just an income platform. It also helps its subscribers create, improve, and promote their content. This all-purpose menu of services helps both Fullscreen and its subscribers earn more money. While it isn’t as well-known as Adsense yet, that is slowly changing as more YouTube video producers are introduced to Fullscreen and see its enormous value.

The Origin of Fullscreen

Founded in January 2011 by George Strompolos, Fullscreen is a private Los Angeles-based company with a lot of potential. Strompolos has experience in creating revenue-generating platforms for content producers. He was instrumental in designing and managing YouTube’s original Partner Program. This experience gave him insight into what content producers want and how to help them maximize their revenue while keeping his own company profitable. Fullscreen now includes such advertises as Mattel, 20th Century Fox, Google, and other big-name companies in its roster of partners and is continually adding more as it gains industry respect and recognition.

Helping Today’s Content Creators Get More Exposure

George Strompolos knows that today’s content creators have to do everything themselves. They must create content, market it, interact with advertisers, and find partners for certain project. In addition, they must do all of the editing and uploading of the content they create. Most content creators are small organizations and sometimes just one person. Creating good content, getting it recognized, and making money from it is a lot of work for one or a handful or people to do. Fullscreen was designed to make all of this easier on those who create video content for YouTube.

Fullscreen provides users a dashboard where they have a very detailed interface for tracking their video views and managing their videos. This can all be done from one place for added convenience. The dashboard also includes analytics for each channel a content producer manages and provides a report on earnings for each channel. This allows content creators to see just how well each of their individual videos is performing on YouTube. The degree to which video viewership can be tracked on Fullscreen is really outstanding.

The dashboard shows patterns of viewership, the origin of the viewers, and provides a look at how often videos are being shared on social networks. No other video content management and revenue platform offers information this detailed. It allows content creators to get a very good idea of who is watching their videos, when they are watching, and what types of videos their viewers prefer. Content creators can then tailor the videos they produce to attract the most robust audience possible based on Fullscreen’s exceptional analytics.

Fullscreen is Attracting Corporate Partnerships, Too

Big brands are also working with Fullscreen. These are largely corporate clients that are well-known or want to become well-known. These clients want to know how viewers are responding to their content and Fullscreen helps them do that exceptionally well. Brands can also compare the performance of their YouTube channels to that of their competitors through Fullscreen’s competitive analysis feature. Finally, Fullscreen’s brand interface can help brands locate the most influential users of YouTube so that they can contact them to request their assistance in promoting the brand’s unique content. Big-name companies like Ryan Seacrest Productions and NBC Universal are among the top brands that use Fullscreen.

Companies like these love Fullscreen because of its huge network of viewers and easy to use tools. Both brands and individual content producers who use Fullscreen attract a combined 2.5 billion video views each month and have more than 200 million subscribers among them. These numbers are already increasing. This makes Fullscreen a serious competitor to Adsense on YouTube in every way.

How to Acquire a Fullscreen Account

Fullscreen-AccountFirst of all, remember that you must share a percentage of your earnings with Fullscreen. This is very similar to Adsense. The only difference is that sharing your revenue with Fullscreen gets you access to all of their wonderful analytic and promotional tools.

You must have a YouTube account in good standing with no copyright strikes against it to apply to Fullscreen for an account. You will need to provide Fullscreen with your name, email address, YouTube user name, and a personal message detailing why you believe you would be a good candidate for a Fullscreen account.

It should take between 1 to 7 days for Fullscreen to reply to you regarding your application. If they approve you, they will walk you through the steps necessary to get started displaying Fullscreen ads on your YouTube videos. You’ll have to sign a contract and send them screenshots that prove your YouTube account is in good standing.

There are no minimum subscriber requirements or minimum views on your videos to be approved for a Fullscreen account. All you need to do is provide quality content to an audience that is engaged with your particular niche. You will be paid via PayPal based on your number of views and the percentage of earnings from those views that goes to Fullscreen. You can keep track of your Fullscreen earnings through your account dashboard.

Some of the Amazing Tools You’ll Find on Fullscreen

  1. Gorilla–This is a sponsorship marketplace available only to Fullscreen members. You can use Gorilla to participate in sponsored videos and other promotional campaigns that can pay between $20 to $40 per impression. It’s a great way to supplement your income from your own YouTube content.
  2. FAM–This stands for Fullscreen Artist Mix. It’s a great feature for musicians as it lets them cover and earn money from thousands of copyrighted songs and do it legally. Musician partners can cover any song in the FAM catalog and earn money from their video of it.
  3. Level Up–A Fullscreen account automatically puts your videos at the highest level of earnings for YouTube’s Partner Program. This means videos that are part of your Fullscreen account are eligible for premium ads from both YouTube and Fullscreen. This means better money for you.
  4. Audio Library–Fullscreen members get access to a library of 350,000 sound effects and music that they can use in their videos. It’s a feature that makes producing videos a little bit easier.
  5. Networks-Finally, Fullscreen allows its members to create better brand awareness and attract more fans and followers through participation in exclusive Fullscreen networks just for musicians, technology experts, video bloggers, parents, performers of all kinds, and more. Creators help each other within these networks and this collaboration results in greater exposure and revenue for everyone. It’s no wonder that so many YouTube content producers are switching from Adsense to Fullscreen.


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