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How to Get an Instagram Account Unbanned

Kenny Novak • Updated on April 3, 2023
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Like many other social media networks, Instagram reserves the right to decide what content they will allow you to share and how they want you to interact with their online community. You can view their policy on Instagram’s terms and conditions webpage. Legally, when you sign up for Instagram, you implicitly agree that they have the right to block your content or delete your account completely at any time and for any reason.

As of January 2013, their terms and conditions page states: “We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Service or your access to the Service for any reason, without notice, at any time, and without liability to you. … If we terminate your access to the Service or you use the form detailed above to deactivate your account, your photos, comments, likes, friendships, and all other data will no longer be accessible through your account (e.g., users will not be able to navigate to your username and view your photos), but those materials and data may persist and appear within the Service (e.g., if your Content has been reshared by others).”

1) First determine if Instagram permanently deleted your account, or if they temporarily banned your access.

While there are many reasons why Instagram suddenly disables your account, the good news is that you can still unban your account if Instagram has only partially disabled it. Users may receive a warning that their photo content or the way they’re using the application goes against the terms and conditions of Instagram in this situation. Try to login from a different device, preferably your home computer, to access your Instagram account. If this step works, then the problem lies in the other device you’re trying to use with Instagram; for example, iPhone owners commonly encounter problems with Instagram that don’t appear on their primary computer. We’ll discuss what options you can try to resolve this issue in the next section of this article.

If Instagram permanently bans your account, then you can’t login to the service from any device no matter what steps you take because your account does not exist anymore. More recently, users often receive no warning before Instagram deletes their accounts permanently due to a violation of any one of their terms of service. In that case, you can only continue using Instagram by creating a whole new account and starting over with a different username although you can still use the same email address that you initially used. Previously, users could appeal their case and contact Instagram support; however, this option is no longer available on their website. For this reason, it’s imperative that you take the time to back up all of the content you post offline before uploading it to Instagram in order to save your photos and information in case you lose your account.

2) These are some steps you can take for a temporarily disabled Instagram account on your iPhone or other Apple mobile device only.

In this scenario, usually it’s your Apple ID that Instagram has banned. If other people use your mobile device before you log out of iTunes, then Instagram may flag your Apple ID and prevent you from even creating a new Instagram account with that device. To fix this problem, create a new Apple ID that’s linked to a new credit card. Back up everything that’s saved on your phone, and then reset it. Your old iTunes apps and songs are still linked to the old Apple ID, and you can’t transfer your purchased music and apps from one iTunes account into a new one directly. The best you can do is manually save these files and add them to a new iTunes library on your own. Now you can download a new Instagram app to your device and access your Instagram account again.


3) Android device users can unban their partially disabled Instagram account in a similar way.

First, back up all of the important information on your device. Next, create a new gmail account linked to a new Google Play account. Link these to a new credit card in Google Wallet. After you reset your Android device, you’ll be able to install a new Enable Instagram application that will let you access your old Instagram account again.

4) You can take a different approach to avoid resetting your iPhone if it’s “jailbroken.”

Delete the Instagram application completely from your jailbroken iPhone, including any cache related to it. Then go online and download an older version of Instagram, like version 3.1.1, and install that on your iPhone. This old application should allow you to access your old Instagram account again. After logging into Instagram again, it’s safe to update to the current version of Instagram.

Please keep in mind that your situation may differ slightly from the examples listed above, so you may need to seek additional assistance with your particular Instagram problem. The only way to post any photograph that you want without worrying about violating terms and conditions is by creating your own mobile application and building up your own network, and while this is possible, it involves much time and effort. No matter what your circumstance, remember that keeping all of your digital photographs backed up on your hard drive is the only way you won’t lose them. Don’t rely on social networks to store your stuff.


  1. Isreal Renigar


    problem is i tried all these things already. do you have any other ideas? i got my account banned a week ago for adding too many people 🙁

  2. Roxy


    My account isn’t banned (because I didn’t DO ANYTHING) but for some reason I can’t post any comments, at all. Not even on my own photos. HELP!

  3. Marcus Dandridge


    I didnt even post anything wrong, yet i got banned? Pleasr explain to me how to fix this

  4. howard


    Instagram says im blocked from adding content..can not comment on my posts or anyone else’s post..If I upload a picture its deleted within 20 minutes..cant figure out what ive done or if it is permanent or temporary. …

  5. SK


    When I try to use the same email to create a new account it says “a user with that email already exists”. But when it try to log in it says that my account has been disabled, when i try to log in from a different device it says “user not found”, when I try looking for myself from another account, again, it says “user not found”. Is there anything I can do to salvage the account?

  6. Annoyed23


    I got banned for liking pics to fast apparently that’s not allowed I thought that’s what the site is for ??

    • Somaek Mix says:

      Seriously? I couldn’t figure out why they had disabled my account because I had been playing by the rules, but I’m guessing this must be it then. That makes no sense though, am I supposed to count how many likes I give out? I’ve heard of people liking +1000 pictures a few times a day to get noticed, how come they still have accounts that aren’t disabled?

  7. sonia


    Has anybody got their account fixed? I can’t like, comment, friend or caption. I follow all guidelines. I’ve done a ton of research and I’ve done everything everyone has suggested with no resolution. Please help…I don’t want to have to delete my account

  8. Scott ham


    Please report @krishamburger he now made his profile private but he posts pics of his exes trashes them, and also has pictures of his 5 year old daughter taking showers and baths.

  9. Brett Ingram


    My account isnt banned through my apple id but through my device. I had an account being used on my phone and ipad that got banned because my friends reported all of my pictures as a gag. my account got banned on both my phone and ipad. however, i downloaded the app on my ipod and i could access my account. How do i get my account unbanned on my phone and ipad?

  10. ZO123


    So dumb. I definitely didn’t exceed any limits, my account was banned for no reason and I had it for about 5 years

  11. moop


    I can no longer use my Instagram app at all. Every time I try to make a new account, it says that I’m not allowed. Any suggestions on what I should do?

    • farhaan


      same here, my account was banned and reasons were that i violated community guidelines. i have been appealing since 1 week but no reply from instagram, also i m blocked from creating another account with different email and credentials……..well life doesnt stop at instagram….if instagram is so unfriendly with people then go to hell from our side also!

  12. Pls help


    Verification page pops up every time I open Instagram. No code is being sent though, please HELP!!

  13. Alexis Morgan


    I can get onto my account but all I see is a refresh button. I have my WiFi on so I don’t understand, I turn it to 4g and it still does it. I’ve even restarted my phone. I’m wondering if my account was disabled or banned?? HELP!!

  14. Mercy Kills


    I have an Android phone and Instagram disabled my first account and they kicked me out my second on that I used with Facebook with no warning. I cant log into my other accounts on my phone but with the computer. Also when I try to create a new account again, it says ‘Sign up Blocked’ and When i try to log in to my other accounts it says ‘Sorry there was an error with your request’. I dont know how to fix this

  15. Karis


    Whenever I try and create a new account it keeps saying blocked but I never posted anything rude on my account I had a argument with a girl and she told me she reported it so many times so that I would get blocked

  16. Rocco


    I had a account that had content not for kids but I put it to private and put in the description +18 only but I guess Instagram still has a right to ban the account I get that but I don’t get why I can’t sign in to my other three accounts that are not against the rules and when I try to make and new account it says my sign up is blocked I don’t know what to do I keep deleting the app to see what if it works but now I can t use Instagram at all please help

    • Kt


      This is the exact same problem I’m having and it’s really making me angry because I have people who can ONLY talk to me through Instagram and I have t been able to talk to them for 2 weeks. It keeps telling me that there was a problem with my request. Can’t login to my main account on the app but I can in the browser but I can’t check my DMs!!!! Why should you be able to UPLOAD PHOTOS from the browser but not be able to check your direct messages. Very very very frustrating

    • Cherry Bomb's Corner


      Hey, Ronco sorry to bother you but I’m literally have the same problem. I had a +18 account too and had it on private and just yesterday I once again made it more clear to DM before requesting so I can ask for age before I accept . And, I put warnings on everything. Long story short, I logged on today but it wouldn’t let me I think my account got deleted because my friends said they couldn’t find my account. After trying it finally let me log onto one of my personal accounts cuz I log on with fb for that one account. However it wouldn’t let me do another account cuz it said my sign up is blocked. Did you ever get to use IG again? Did they unblock your sign up?

  17. ベル


    Hey my instagram got deleted for apparently violating the rules and i tried to make another one but it didn’t work. So i made a new account on another device but it won’t let me log in on my phone :/

  18. Danni


    I am a social media influencer. I pay vivid attention to instagrams guidelines as I am a lingerie model (I keep on the guidelines) and some females who don’t like my success and have actually threatened my life on numerous accounts have reported me for a full 48 hours (sad right!!!) and now I can’t log into Instagram on my devices? How can I get this right? Thinking of going to the papers with the threats from the girls because Instagram shouldn’t support this behaviour!

    • LienSueCosplay


      Same here Danni! Just got banned because of “nudity” which I don’t post or support… I’m a Lingerie/cosplaymodel as well and I can’t get over those dozens of girls who report people like us. We’re making a Living from it and they don’t even care… hope these fraudulent-reporters will get some bans soon as well!

  19. Lynda


    Someone took over my username and when I tried to report this apparently I was banned!

  20. sgt.k


    my instagram was banned and it says that i’m under aged for using it i have no idea how or why they got this conclusion but i’m pretty sure i’m over 20 😐 but i don’t find any way to contact their support and get it touch with someone to fix that at all any ideas how i can handle this issue?

    • James Parsons


      Hi there, I’ve heard of this happening to users who signed up to Instagram when they were under age, and then were caught years later. Even if you are over 18 in present day, if you signed up when you were under 18, your account may still be at risk.

  21. Jade Marie


    So I was hacked a few days ago but as soon as I found out I changed my password. A few hours later it came up that I was temporary locked out. But the email they gave me is no longer my email and it’s deactivated due to inactivity. Will my Instagram ever reopen or is it a goner ?

  22. iimeorgin


    hello, i did these steps yesterday and after sending a picture of myself with all the bs to instagram i got a seperate email telling me why they delete accounts, does this mean i need to try again or wait?

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