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Types of Tweets Proven to Maximize Your Followers

Kenny Novak • Updated on January 8, 2022
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Social media has become a predominant force in the marketing endeavors of businesses both large and small. Most know the value of having a solid web presence, as well as being visible and active on social networking sites like Facebook, but the valuable world of the popular site Twitter has left many at a loss at how to most effectively take advantage of this huge network of people.

Twitter is a great place for businesses, business owners and individuals to share information with others. However, the world of Twitter is not as simple as regularly posting 140 characters of content for people to read. There are many businesses who use Twitter ineffectively and many more who have not tapped into to this potential source of clients at all. Signing up for an account might be part of the battle, but posting content on Twitter can also leave one scratching their head as to how to attract and entertain their followers.

Followers are like gold on Twitter. As with Facebook likes, the more followers one has on their Twitter account, the more people who see and, in turn, may share and become consumers of their products or information. The world of Twitter is not simple and cut and dried though, what makes a “good” Tweet may not be readily apparent and confusing “good Tweets” with “boring Tweets” is a surefire way to reduce the impact of one’s Twitter marketing campaign.

One tip that is very helpful but unrelated to types of Tweets is the frequency of Tweets. People want regularity, but they do not want to be inundated with information all the time. A Tweeting schedule, such as once a day, twice a day, whatever, provides followers with regular information, but does not fill up their feeds to the point of being a nuisance.

What follows are the main types of Tweets that are shown to be attractive to Twitter users and thus, more likely to result in an increase of followers.

Engaging Tweets

This is more a style of Tweet than an actual type of Tweet, but it can be the most valuable tool in helping one gain Twitter followers. People like things that make them think, that make them want to respond and that speak to them. A leading Tweet that elicits questions or responses or otherwise engages the readers to do something beyond simply consume the Tweet are surefire ways to generate conversation. Conversation tends to attract interest. This leads to replies to the Tweet, retweets (sharing) of the Tweet and will often bring more people into one’s sphere of influence, making it more likely that one will snag them as a new follower.

Targeted Tweets


If one provides a product or service, it makes the most sense to keep the subject of one’s Tweets to this topic. Errant, vague or unrelated Tweets are often found to be boring or lacking in relevance to the readers. Be sure to keep one’s Tweets focused to said area of expertise or business.


For whatever reason, quotes speak to people in a way that many other forms of written communication just do not seem to. Providing relevant, inspiring quotes to one’s readers is a great way to have tweets shared and reshared, increasing one’s potential pool of followers by a large factor with each retweet.

Media Tweets

People are nothing if not visual creatures. We love pictures, music, videos, etc. Tweets that utilize these forms of media tend to be more popular and engaging than simple text-based Tweets. Incorporating the use of different forms of media in one’s Tweets, such as linking to relevant images or video clips, is a great way to engage followers and speak to their interests.

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words can really be true, or, to be more frank, it can be worth a thousand followers (even more valuable!). A video clip that provides the same information as a block of text will almost always be more effective at getting and retaining the attention of the viewer.


To engage users and to start dialogue (which often leads to engagement, retweeting and other actions that get a Twitter account out there and in the feeds of more potential followers), a Tweet that elicits some sort of response is a great way to get a conversation started. Asking a question that is relevant to readers is a surefire way to get a good level of responses.


Retweeting is the act of sharing another’s Tweets. The more a Tweet is “retweeted” or shared, the more people have the opportunity to see them and follow the feed. Retweeting other relevant Tweets is a great way to foster community, provide content to one’s readers and engage others on Twitter. Encouraging others to retweet one’s Tweets is another great way to promote sharing of Twitter content.

Having a presence on Twitter is vital to a business’s marketing campaign. This free service allows businesses and those who wish to share information a huge pool of potential consumers. Learning to effectively take advantage of this tool to maximize one’s followers can really help take one’s brand, product, service or idea to the next level. The above described tips will help target Tweets and provide the type of Tweets that are best shown to entertain and engage readers and increase the number of followers to one’s Twitter feed.


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