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25 Ways to Build Your Twitter Audience

James Parsons • Updated on September 16, 2013
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Building a Twitter audience takes a lot of time and dedication. Luckily, there are a lot of really helpful tips for gaining more followers. Listed below are 25 ways to build your Twitter audience organically.

1. Follow Tweeters

First, it’s important to follow other users on Twitter. This should be done systematically. There’s no sense in following people who have nothing to do with one’s industry.

2. Make Your Profile Pop

Equally important, a profile should really stand out. It’s so important to have an awesome picture. People want to see who they’re following.

3. Engage Actively

When building a large Twitter audience, it’s so critical to stay actively engaged. Stay current with industry news, and participate in popular conversations.

4. Hashtag Appropriately

Every Twitter user needs to master how to properly use hashtags. This is more of an art than a science. Using appropriate hashtags is a great way to gain a larger audience.

5. Follow Industry Champions

Find industry champions, and follow them. This is a great way to interact with people who already have a ton of followers.

6. Interact with Followers

It’s so important to interact with followers. This will make them feel appreciated. Anybody can ignore their audience on Twitter, but it takes a true leader to interact.

7. Retweet

Retweeting is a great way to gain followers. It’s always a good idea to retweet clever or valuable industry-specific information. Followers will love hearing about the latest and greatest information.

8. Be a Critic

Twitter is a great forum for criticizing. Becoming a critic is a great way to establish industry knowledge and expertise. Don’t forget to keep it civil though.

9. Stay Cool

Keep the feuding to a minimum. This type of marketing tactic only works for Charlie Sheen. It’s always important to keep cool during disagreements. It’s okay to have an opposing thought or opinion. Just stay cool. Twitter has a way of revealing the crazy in people.

10. Guest Blog

Becoming a guest blogger is a great way to get exposure. Most people will be happy to include a link to a Twitter account at the bottom of a guest post. This is the perfect way to target industry-specific Twitter users.

11. Live Tweet During Events

Tweeting during live events is a fantastic way to gain a larger Twitter audience. Tweeting during televised events is the perfect way to attract more followers. Everybody is online.

12. Link Back to Important Content

Twitter users should always link back to really important content. Followers will begin to trust users who always provide great information. Every Twitter user wants to follow somebody who provides important links to good information.

13. Ask for a Retweet


Sometimes, asking for a retweet is the easiest way to gain more exposure. Most followers are more than happy to retweet when asked. This is especially useful when one is trying to get the word out about a new website or upcoming event.

14. Share Valuable Content

Followers want value from Twitter users. They don’t want a bunch of useless content. If followers are always provided with valuable content, they will appreciate it and retweet it.

15. Visual Tweets

Don’t neglect visual tweets! Using a variety of different visual applications, anybody can provide their followers with visually appealing Tweets.

16. Study Top Tweeters

A great way to build a Twitter audience is to watch what great Tweeters are doing. Study their tactics, and implement them. This is a great way to see what works really well.

17. Online Promotion

Online promotion is one of the best ways to get more Twitter followers. A Twitter account can be promoted in a variety of different places. Social media outlets, blogs and email newsletters are perfect for blasting information about a great Twitter account.

18. Offline Promotion

Unfortunately, too many people neglect offline promotion. Tell friends, colleagues, co-workers, clients and potential clients about the Twitter account. This is a fantastic way to get more followers!

19. Don’t Post Too Often

People on Twitter don’t want to be flooded with posts from one person. Posting too often can actually cause people to quit following a particular Twitter account.

20. Be Generous

Always be generous with links and retweets without expecting anything in return. Twitter should never be used in a self-serving manner. Followers really hate that!

21. Reply in Public Posts

Replying in public posts is a great way to get exposure to larger audiences on Twitter. A public reply is kind of a like advertising one’s Twitter account.

22. Repeat Successful Tweets

If it worked well once, it’s bound to work again. A good tweet always merits retweeting.

23. Don’t Use Links Without Commentary

Never post a link without useful commentary. Twitter followers hate getting random links. Why should they click this link? Let them know.

24. Just Say No to Auto-responders

Auto-responders are not for people who want to gain larger audiences. They’re for lazy people who don’t want to interact with their followers.

25. Avoid Boring Tweets

Everybody knows it’s hard to stay clever and fresh, but it’s so important to try. Followers hate boring tweets. They want clever, fresh, up-to-date information from the Twitter users that they follow.

Gaining a larger Twitter audience is possible. These tips are great for anybody who wants to get more followers organically.


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