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30 Clever and Free Ways to Promote a YouTube Video

James Parsons • Updated on July 2, 2022
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It has been said that YouTube is the MTV of the new generation. That isn’t a bad analogy, but MTV never had the amount of user-created content that can be found on Google’s video site. User created content is nice, but it is often hard to get the word out on a brand new creation. Never fear! There are many ways to let people know that your creation should be viewed. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

Social Media

1. Pinterest

Use the video functions on the site to post your video. You might be surprised how many video hits come from this scrapbook like site.

2. Twitter

Create a twitter account and post it on all your websites. This helps create a way for fans to talk to you and provides an easy way to share your projects.

3. Google +

Once the butt of many jokes, this social site is used by many looking for the next big thing. Create a profile and let people know that your project is just that.

4. Facebook

A site that has been co-opted by families and friends, it is still a great opportunity to share your work. Let an army of friends and families share your project on walls worldwide.

5. MySpace

Once the darling of the social network world, MySpace is now focused on reinventing itself. Home to many that eschew the more popular social media sites, it is a good way to get your project noticed by those in the know.

YouTube Specific tips

6. Tagging

Keep in mind what tags you are using on the video. Select them very carefully and use as many as you can. Many new videos are discovered via tags, more than many realize.

7. Like your own video

It may seem selfish, but more likes help stir up interest in the video.

8. Create Playlists

Playlists help your YouTube channel look organized. It also directs people to older projects they may not be aware.

9. Banner Image and Avatar

Keep your YouTube channel looking great by using the new profile picture and banner image features. Viewers appreciate a great looking channel.

10. Post on other videos

Don’t advertise, but be active within the YouTube community. This will lead many to checking out your own projects.



11. Write up thoughts on the project

Many people view blogging as something that is no longer relevant. Not true! Many people want to read a blog post instead of watching a video. There are various reasons for that, but mobile data caps help in that.

12. Create a Behind the Scenes video

Watching behind the scenes videos has helped many people come to know a creator. Often, these videos are scenes before the actual video.

13. Create a Podcast

Podcasting is easy to do and can be a great way to bring notice to your YouTube project. Generally, all you need is a mic, a computer, and an audio editing program. Podcasts can be uploaded as YouTube videos as well, so that is more content for your channel.

13. Be a Guest

Open yourself up to being a guest on podcasts, blogs, and YouTube productions from others. This can led a new audience to your own projects.

14. Video Blogging

Just like the subheading says. Blog, but on camera. Many love to read but others would rather watch so provide an avenue for both.

15. Tying it all together

Make sure to share all your content on the various sites, blogs, and podcasts. Let people know you have content and they should watch it.

Offline Promotion

16. Business Cards

Keep a stack of Business cards with you at all times. Make sure to have a couple of ways to contact you on the card. Put your YouTube channel on the cards for easy reference.

17. Letterhead

Create a nice letterhead for you and your projects. Make sure to put the YouTube URL to your channel in a visible place.

18. Networking

Meet up with others that are trying to do the same as you. Go out for coffee or a meal and get to know them. View these people as your colleagues, not your competition. Share ideas with each other.

19. Bring the video with you

Everyone has at least one mobile device that can play full motion video. Take a copy of your YouTube project with you and show it to those you meet.

20. Snail Mail

If you want to get the attention of someone, send him or her a letter with a business card.


21. Branding is important

Don’t underestimate the power of your own brand. If people know who you are, they will come to see your own work.

22. Create a good logo

If you can’t create one, find someone who can. Many artists will work for the experience, find one that will help you for a guest spot or another type of free promotion.

23. Put your brand on all videos

YouTube has great tools for this. After a person views your video, they should know who you are.

24. Ask your viewers to watch your other videos

It might seem a little bit cheesy and self-promotional, but it does get viewers to click on the rest of your content.

25. Change if necessary

Don’t be so in love with your brand that you can’t improve it. A good brand will help bring people in. If yours isn’t good enough, get a better brand.


Focus on Self

26. Don’t be Shy

When promoting your own work, learn to feel comfortable when talking about it. Too many creative types have a hard time with this but it is a good skill to acquire.

27. Don’t over promote

Be sincere in your self-promotion, but know when it is too much. Don’t deluge everyone with your own projects to the point they become sick of hearing from you.

28. Confidence

Understand that if you like your own project, others will as well. This is a key to promoting your own work and helps provide a good confidence level.

29. Don’t give up.

Becoming a hit on YouTube is about putting out content. Many overnight YouTube hits have been making videos for years.

30. Consistency is the key

Keep a regular supply of content coming on a regular basis. This will help grow your fan base, since viewers will know you are able to put out good content regularly. They will tell their friends.

2018 Update

One of the best ways to promote your videos that is completely free is YouTube endcaps. These add a little 10-15 second area to the end of your video that highlights your other videos on your channel.

Not only is this completely free, but it amplifies your efforts across all of your videos. This way, when a user is done watching a video, they’ll start viewing your older videos as well. Without that end-cap, they may have never found your older videos. This can add up in a big way; some users say that they can attribute tens of thousands of extra views per month just to their video end-caps. Not bad for a free change!

Do you have any other free methods to promote your YouTube video? Let us know below in the comments section!


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