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New Apps to Help You Sell Products on Facebook

James Parsons • Updated on August 1, 2022
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If you’ve ever wondered why it can’t be easier to sell items on Facebook without having to engage a Social Ad campaign, you might want to try out these some Facebook apps. Apps, short for applications, are plug-in pieces of code that you can use with a specific platform to do some action. In this case, these apps are meant to help you sell your products on Facebook. They can be used with a shop you set up elsewhere or with no shop at all.

Sell Direct

Why not make use of the social network you’ve created on Facebook? With these apps you can try out social commerce for one or many products. Some are free to try out and others will require a monthly subscription payment. Depending on whether you already have a shop created elsewhere or not, you can use different apps for different purposes. One application may help to automate listings in a shop set up in another online venue, while another app may simply give you some ecommerce payment options or listing solutions.


This is a free app offered by Facebook to help you advertise your offerings. You have to create a Marketplace listing and manage it, one by one. However, the cost is free. The limitation of this app is that you are the one that has to figure out payment arrangements. The Marketplace app is only a listing service, and not in any way an e-commerce app. However, it deserves to be listed first because it is an application that comes with Facebook that is completely free to use.


If you only sell occasionally or want to try a free app, then Soldsie is the application to try. You don’t need a separate ecommerce site or shopping cart to try this app. It will allow you to advertise for free, until you reach $700 in sales. Then, Soldsie starts to take a 3 percent cut of each sale you make after that. You can use your Facebook posts to do the advertising and all a buyer has to do is login to Facebook, use the app, and type in “sold” in the comments area. It can give you an idea of whether you have anything worth selling online.


The next easiest app to use is Shoptab. Again, it does not require that you have any ecommerce site, but you must have a PayPal account. You can set up sales within Facebook using a separate tab. The app starts at $10 per month for up to 500 product listings. If you want up to 5,000 listings, it will cost you $20 per month. It works well for international sales in different currencies with support for 50 different countries.


This is not a separate application; it has to be used with Shoptab. It enhances the functionality of Shoptab by offering daily deals or a flash store setup. There is a free trial, but after that it costs $14.99 per month to use – on top of whatever you are paying for Shoptab. It is meant to be a total solution for people who don’t already have their own stores set up elsewhere.


This app doesn’t create a commerce page, but it does help you sell products on Facebook via discount coupon code links that you create for your offerings. These links, when clicked in an email, a page, or at checkout, have to be shared with friends on Facebook to allow the coupon code discount. While the app is not from Facebook, it certainly can increase your exposure and sales in Facebook. It has a free 14-day trial for up to 50 shares. After that, prices go from $4.99 per month up to $19.99 per month based on the number of desired shares.


If you already have shops up at other online venues like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, or Prestashop, then you can use Beetailer to promote those offerings on Facebook automatically. It creates a shop tab in Facebook that is populated with the products you choose to advertise. Beetailer can be used with 50 product listings for free. After that, prices range from $50 to $300 for larger inventory or more creative functionality.


  1. Steven Mott


    Facebook needs to come out with an ecommerce platform already. It would be fantastic for their IPO, earn a % of each sale like Paypal and make itself more appealing to investors. Maybe one day, until then, I’ll keep dreaming.

  2. Steve Casasanto

    says: direct? Wow, never would have thought about that one! Just kidding, some good references here. Checking out Beetailer now!

    • Boostlikes


      Wise guy eh? 🙂 You’d be surprised how many people forget to occasionally link to their own product. Thanks for the kind words!

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