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Tricks To Organically Increase YouTube Likes and Subscribers

James Parsons • Updated on January 8, 2023
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Chances are if you use YouTube, you probably want more likes on your videos and more subscribers on your channel. Simply setting an account up and uploading videos will not be enough to draw the masses your way; you’ll need to give your videos and channel a bit of a shove before any of that can happen. These are multiple tricks you can use to organically increase your YouTube likes and subscribers starting now!

Post Content that People Want to Watch

It may seem obvious, but you probably need to seriously assess your videos with one question – “Are my videos watch-able?” You might feel that your YouTube videos are entertaining because you made them, but others might not feel the same way. Make sure your videos are something that users would want to stick around and watch the entirety of. Search popular videos and note what sets them apart from similar videos in their same niche.

Network Right on the Website

It is often forgotten that YouTube is a social network just like Facebook or any other similar website is. Every time you log into your YouTube account, you need to make sure you’re networking as much as possible. Comment on videos related to your niche and add something meaningful to the conversation as well as a brief comment about your videos/channel. If this is done correctly, other users will not be offended by your comment and will more than likely see what it is that you have to offer.

Strongly Embed Your Videos on Your Blog or Website

If you’re trying to grow your YouTube presence, there’s a strong chance that you also have a website or a blog. Intertwine your website/blog and YouTube account as tightly as possible. Include several of your videos on your website so that anyone that lands on it is bound to see at least one or two before they leave.

Choose a Great Thumbnail


When you search for a video on YouTube, you probably don’t realize that the thumbnail has a pretty significant sway over whether you click a particular link or not. A thumbnail of a cute cat video is more likely to be clicked if it displays the cat doing something cute rather than a random still of the cat partly out of the frame or not in the frame at all. At the time, YouTube only allows users to choose from three randomly generated thumbnails to adorn their videos with, so be sure to go with the best one for your video.

Choose Clever Tags

Tags make it easier for people that are searching in YouTube to find your video. Spend a considerable amount of time thinking of tags that relate well to your videos’ content. The more tags you can think of to assign to your video, the better. The title can only do so much for helping users find your video; it cannot be stressed enough how important tags are as well!

Post Videos Frequently

Posting a single video and waiting for it to go viral is quite a silly concept. Often times, it’s hard for video uploaders to foresee which of their videos will be popularly flocked to by users, and which ones won’t. Post many videos frequently. However, don’t skimp on the quality of your videos just to make time to post more videos. Make sure to put your heart and soul into each one that you post, and don’t let large amounts of time to pass between postings of other videos.

Use SEO Tactics

Lastly, you need to use traditional SEO tactics to draw search engine traffic to your videos and channel. For example, you may need to do a little bit of keyword research to decide how to word your title or fill your description. You might be surprised to find that nearly 60% of YouTube users find videos via search on YouTube, a search engine, or related videos. Particularly, YouTube videos are very rank-able in major search engines, so be sure to spend adequate time on optimizing them for search engines.

Overall, you should give your users something to enjoy in your YouTube channel. Find out what trends are attracting users on YouTube and zero in on them. Most importantly, never stop working hard to increase those likes and subscribers.


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