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Turning A Viral YouTube Video Into Sales

Kenny Novak • Updated on March 14, 2022
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YouTube videos go viral all the time. It doesn’t take much for a video to go viral as long as it is interesting. In recent weeks, we’ve seen everything from celebrity videos to homemade videos go viral. With so many people checking out a single video, it’s the volume that you need to take advantage of in order to get more sales for your company.

You don’t actually have to make the YouTube video. You don’t even have to have your product or service featured in the video. You just need to know how to use it in order to turn it into sales for your business.

Choosing the Right Viral You Tube Video

The viral YouTube video has to make sense in one way or another for your company. If there is absolutely no relevance, people are going to see it for what it’s worth – a cheap way to get sales. This means that you have to be creative about linking your videos to your products and/or services – and this is where you will need to think about your business and how you can make some kind of link.

For example, if you sell shoes, you can make the link between having the right footwear when you’re “twerking”. If you sell incontinence products, you can make the link between having the necessary protection when you’re out in the woods and you have a bear climb up a tree.

Videos go viral all the time, so you will have the opportunity to form links each and every week to boost sales. Stay connected with YouTube and see what is trending. It’s important to be on the front-end of the video and not the tail-end. If something has already been trending for a week, don’t bother using it in your sales pitch as it won’t give you the full benefit that you are looking for. You want to be linked as soon as it goes viral so that more people will have the chance to check out your comments and see how your products/services are connected in some way.

If you are creative and you think you can create a You Tube video that goes viral, then go for it. Plug your product or service shamelessly and then make sure to show the product or add your logo or website at the end. There was recently a deck sealant video that went viral where it was spoken by an Aussie. The video went viral and the sales for the deck sealant were inevitably higher.

Link the Video into a Blog and Throughout Social Media

Once you find the right viral YouTube video, you need to create a blog on your website. Talk about the video and how it pertains to your product or service. This is your time to form the link so people don’t think you are plugging a video solely for the purpose of getting more sales. Include the link to the video so that when people are searching for the video to see, they will be brought to your blog.

When you add the video to your website, don’t forget to include the necessary tags so that it is found easily in the search engines. It’s also a good idea to resubmit that blog page to the search engines so that you can enhance your visibility.

Social media is why videos become viral, so you will need to make sure you are connected here as well. For spreading a video, you will want to stick with Facebook and Twitter. Include the link to the video in your post and come up with a clever link of what to say about it as it relates to your business. Post it on your profile and then watch as different people share your post and make comments.

Comments Need to Be Short & Sweet


Go to the original YouTube video that started going viral. You will likely find a variety of versions popping up as people try to “re-brand” the video for their own purposes. Make a comment on the video that is insightful. Don’t post more than two or three sentences. Keep them short and sweet. Include a link to your company’s website on it so people know how to contact you.

When you come up with a witty response, people are likely going to check you out. Be sure you are signed in on YouTube when you make your comment. You will also want to make sure you have your profile completed in its entirety so people know more about you and your business when you make a comment they like.

Be Prepared for the Sales

As you link your business to a viral video, you are going to see an increase in traffic volume to your website. The click through rate is going to be higher, and this means your website needs to be prepared for it. If you have online ordering enabled, be sure that you are checking for the orders that are coming through. You want to respond quickly to each and every inquiry that you get.

The volume that you get on your website is only going to be temporary. Once the YouTube video has died down, no one is going to care about your blog post or read your comments. This is why it’s essential for you to be prepared to ride the tails of the next YouTube video that comes out.

While YouTube marketing is a solid way to increase your visitors, it isn’t wise to rely solely on YouTube videos for your marketing efforts. If you need a blog post, check out what’s trending on YouTube and use it periodically – maybe once or twice a month, not once or twice a day. Always diversify your social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest; you’ll be glad you did!


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    Turning a viral video into sales is the easy part, creating a viral video is the hard part.

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