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Types of Tweets That Can Hurt Your Twitter Profile

Kenny Novak • Updated on December 6, 2021
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As social media continues to grow and grow, everyone is connecting to each other. As everyone connects to each other, no ones thoughts are kept hidden when posted online. Businesses are even watching their current and potential employees online. One of these social media sites that is rapidly growing is Twitter, and it is no exception to hiding reputations.

There are many types of tweets that can affect your Twitter profile and reputation. Here are the six of the worst Tweets to publish:

Negative Posts

There is already so much negativity in the world today, and your followers do not need anymore of it. It is one thing to deal with some negative comments at work or when it is necessary, but friends and family do not get onto Twitter to view other people’s poor attitudes. Individuals want to get onto social media, to escape the difficult world for a minute. They want to relax, hear a cool story, or perhaps get a laugh or two from a witty comment. If you must speak negatively, do so outside of social media. Please keep Twitter enjoyable for all of us.

Racial and Sexist Comments

Now this might seem to be a no-brainer, but believe it or not some find the need to make derogatory statements about a particular race or gender. We are at a place in the world now that needs to past that. Most people believe in equal treatment so chances are, your followers do not wish to see those types of posts. Say for example, you do not have a minority follower, but one of your followers has a friend that is. Say your follower re-tweets your negative statement towards his friend’s race, and you might just create issues for your friend and yourself.

Tweets About Your Place of Employment

Many employees are tempted to speak poorly about where they work. Issues often come up at the workplace and individuals respectively need to get something off their chest. Twitter is also not the place for calling out your employer. Word travels quickly and there is typically a good chance that your comments will get to someone at your place of work. If you must talk about work related problems, do not do so in the public eye. That is a quick way to ruin a reputation and damage your twitter profile. Some business even suspended employees’ use of social media when an issue such as that arises. Talk about hurting your twitter profile… that may eliminate your twitter profile.

Excessive Swearing


Not to be your mom and tell you to watch your mouth, but watch your mouth. Twitter is a great place because creative minds place their thoughts, humor, and ideas all in one place for the world to view. Others can brainstorm or continue on with jokes told. Too much swearing is simply not creative. Limiting yourself to a few choice words will wear out your followers if not offend them as well. Expand your vocabulary and thoughts. Help others make twitter an awesome place and use your imagination.


Sub-tweeting (for those of you who do not know) is the act of tweeting a person without mentioning their name in the tweet. Individuals often do this to send a subtle message to someone without risking embarrassment in front of followers. They may see a rejection or a negative comment back if the person mentioned the other in the tweet. There are many issues with this and plenty of reasons it can hinder your profile. Sometimes you aren’t quite as clever as you sound when having a normal tweet, causing others to not know what you are talking about. For the sake of everyone please don’t purposely tweet something so that no one knows what you are talking about. That is even worse than doing so on accident. Sub-tweeting can also backfire on you. If the individual you are trying to communicate with sub-tweets back, it can continue on for some time. After awhile, if you two have some of the same followers, people begin to notice that tweets seem to go together, like a conversation.

Relationship Issues

Last but not least, no one wants to see your latest relationship drama, especially in a business atmosphere. Just as there are work issues, there are relationship issues. If your girlfriend didn’t text you back for five minutes and you are upset about it, talk with someone one on one, not on twitter. Again, keep Twitter fun for everyone.

Twitter is an enjoyable social media site when used correctly. Tweeting the right way can keep it fun as it continues to gain more profiles in the future. Certainly if these 6 types of tweets are not used, the Twittersphere would be a better place for everyone.



  1. David Pecht


    So basically don’t be an idiot? 🙂 most of these are common sense, but the “place of employment” one is a point I had never considered.

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