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10 Inexpensive Alternative to Twitter Ads

Kenny Novak • Updated on April 16, 2022
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10 Inexpensive Alternative to Twitter Ads

Advertising and social media is for every business in terms of jump-starting revenue and delivering information to consumers. Behind the advertising is the deliver of traffic. Twitter has become a standard platform for quickly gaining an audience and delivering short, quick ads for traffic and feedback. There are several alternatives to Twitter, often an inexpensive and equally as effective method for advertising online.

Google Adwords

Google has a robust advertising platform that has been around since 2000. It is based on a PPC (pay-per-click) method like most advertising for rich media ads, text, and banners. AdWords remains an inexpensive alternative to Twitter by providing flexibility to determine the cost of advertising dollars from the beginning. Search Query is based on the keywords commonly used in the Google Algorithms. Google Adwords is one of the largest platform bases for search engines, making it an economical means to reach the masses in terms of searching.

Bing Ads

As a strong competitor to Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing introduces a robust quality-reporting interface for PPC ads. Specific target dates can be located for information on how to change SEO or group campaigns into historic quality data, thereby defining conflicts with specific ad campaigns. Bing also has a lower impression cost than Adwords in most areas.

Bing Ads will also allow for an import of Google AdWords Campaign or the creation of a new campaign. Sign up is free and a budget similar to AdWords can be established for key milestones. New and improved features for 2013 include the use of ad extension improvements, improved code intelligence, and more graphing technology to identify outliers in ad campaigns visually such as how keywords are performing and what demographic will respond to a campaign.

Reddit Ads

In the online world, Reddit is a user-generated site of news links and promotions consisting of short mini-campaigns. It operates in similar fashion to Twitter in terms of providing instant short updates with the ability to embed media. The success of Reddit lies in traditional internet simplicity and the generation of user content.

Reddit Ads uses similar models to many advertising clients such as the ability to control a budget, gain impressions by viewing demographics, and stat metrics. Campaigns start at $5.00 and can be built out from there in terms of how many sub-category campaigns are delivered. The ‘advertisement’ can function as a sponsored story at the top of any sub Reddit sponsor. Reddit ads work side by side in user content by also relying on community reputation. A solid partnership with Reddit in the beginning combined with advertising can deliver high traffic load. As a result, care will need to be taken to ensure that ad campaigns are delivered in line with the sub-reddits that are sponsored, much like categories users can relate to.



Some advertising platforms may require unique algorithms to deliver content from consumers. Infolinks provides advertising text by inserting adverts within specific text of a website. Infolinks uses a dynamic algorithm to scan web pages for select key words and places in text ads. These ads are considered CPC (cost-per-click), meaning the website owner is paid each time a visitor clicks on the text ad.

Infolinks has a hot and cold perception in the online advertising market. For many users, it may become aggravating or spam-like when browsing from a usability perspective. Many users integrate programs to block in-site text links.

However, text ads placed as a CPC campaign with InfoLinks is an inexpensive alternative to Twitter, when used in moderation. It can provide a quick summary or information to the user as well as use other methods of displaying content. Infolinks can be used for tagging, in frame ads, search ads, and in text ads. In fact, a successful Infolinks campaign should carefully test the effects of in text advertising before full launch.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has a solid platform in the advertising market for everyday users simply because of the sheer load of continuous updates, like Twitter. Facebook Ads currently rely on “interest-based” advertising, which means that each ad will navigate towards users based on search history and account likes. An ad can appear in several areas, which include the news feed, right column, and the log out page.

Facebook users generate a considerable amount of demographic information. As a result, advertising can be quite specific. For example, a general advertisement on computer replacement parts may be less effective than a campaign on computer modification tools for custom ATX motherboards. Campaign cost and budgeting is maintained like other platofrms, but can be used to run ads or a sponsored story similar to Reddit Ads. There is a low minimum daily budget of $1.00 for each CPC bid.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn relies on a growing segment of the Internet: employers and organizations. LinkedIn is a self-service advertising campaign like Twitter, but allows for the creation of a landing page and shows your connection to other LinkedIn subscribers. LinkedIn campaigns use relatively inexpensive advertising modules to develop sidebar ads. Results can be measured visually in relation to other subscribers or general user data. Due to the large and growing demographic, LinkedIn may be as equally competitive as Facebook Ads.



A PPC solution, ADSmonster allows a large variety of advertising with real-time statistics. Instead of a report delivered after an allotted time, real time metrics can allow for instant changes in ad campaigns. A rating system allows for bonuses and the ability to convert into more advertising dollars.


Advertising can be pre-generated to make campaigning easier. Functioning like an auction site, BuySellAds allow you to generate ads for profit or use pre-designed ads for your ad campaign. As a result, it can reduce labor time and save money if a good deal comes your way. A link to tweets can be purchased as well to increase the buying power of advertisements.


Kontera uses analytics and content marketing to AdRollanalyze target audiences, In other words, it uses the market data for specific categories before designing a campaign to reduce labor. Kontera remains an inexpensive alternative to hiring a large surplus of freelance labor for a professional ad campaign, common in jump-start opportunities. In fact, Kontera uses Agile Marketing in campaigns.


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