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What Are The Best Ways to Promote My Facebook Page?

Kenny Novak • Updated on March 9, 2023
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Letting the world know about your business’ new Facebook page, and successfully luring traffic to it may seem like daunting tasks. After all, you wish to reach a lot more people than just your friends and their friends. However tempting it may seem to simply sit back and wait for the magic to happen, there are a few tricks that will get your view count rolling. It is important to keep in mind that you also need to focus on reaching an increasing number of people in order to bring a continuous stream of new visitors to your page. The following ideas address both of these goals.

Use your URL in your email signature

This is an easy but effective way to let people know about your Facebook page, as well as to constantly remind them of its existence in a non-irritating manner. You only need to set this feature once and it will keep working for you in a subtle but consistent way.

List your Facebook page on other social networking sites

Perhaps you already have accounts with other popular sites such as LinkedIn, Google, or Twitter. If not, consider opening one on each site and linking them to your page. You may also wish to open one at an industry specific networking site in order to target a specific segment of the population.

Make use of your industry’s forums

Whatever your business specialty may be, your Facebook page will greatly benefit from views by other professionals in your industry. Make it a habit to view and post on two or three high-traffic discussion forums specializing in your business area and always include your Facebook page URL at the bottom of your post.

Write guest blog posts for popular sites


An easy way to promote your Facebook page is to capitalize on the traffic that is already happening on well-established blogs and websites. Write a thoughtful post as a guest blogger for a business client or colleague and include your page with your introductory remarks.

Use Facebook widgets and badge

If you already have a website or a blog, make sure to place the available Facebook widgets on it. You can include the Facebook share button, a like button, or the Facebook badge, which will allow your visitors to connect with your Facebook page instantly.

Join relevant Facebook groups

You can also drive traffic and increase your visibility through joining and actively using other Facebook groups. For instance, if you are promoting a restaurant’s Facebook page, you can join both foodie groups and your town’s calendar of events group. Make sure to always include link to your Facebook page in your posts.

Harness the power of your already email lists

Chances are you already have a list of emails you use to keep in touch with your clients or customers. When your Facebook page goes live, send them a quick email and follow it up with gentle reminders for the next few months. It does not hurt if you include updates or new content with each email.

Create your posts with care

You might be wondering how often and how much to post on your page, especially in the first few months. Actually, it is more important to create a schedule based on the needs of your target audience. Most people would probably not appreciate if you cluttered up their Facebook page with your incessant posts and messages. Be selective and post meaningful content with less frequency. This way people will look forward to hearing from you, and they will pay attention to your content and updates.

Experiment with promoted posts


If you feel you need more promotion for certain posts, you can always turn to Facebook’s promoted post option. This is a budget friendly way to start up a new page by making use of your connections to your friends. Sponsored posts have a limited visibility based on your connections, but they are also less obvious than advertisements and more effective than pestering your friends to post a link.

Experiment with Facebook Ads

Speaking of advertisements, once you know your target audience well, and you know what the message you wish to communicate to them is, purchasing Facebook ads can be an affordable way to launch a marketing campaign. You can narrow down your advertisement to target specific audience based on demographic factors and include particular keywords in order to reach particular interest groups.

Post content people want to share

A well laid-out analysis or a carefully designed blog post will go a long way to propel your pages ranking to the top. But you should also consider the human factor. What is it that people like to do on Facebook? If you look at your personal Facebook page you will notice that half of the interaction comes from shares and likes, and a good portion of those are focused on photos containing a message. Whether it is inspirational or simply funny, consider posting content that your target audience will want to share. Everyone enjoys a laugh once in a while and as long as you keep it tasteful, even the most serious business page can gain with this approach.

Make media sites work for you

You can easily reach new audiences with your YouTube channel’s ability to make use of multiple keywords and key phrases. Add a link to your channel’s page and include a link to your Facebook page in each of your videos. Using the same tactic, include your Facebook link in your flicker photos and albums.

Encourage interactions


If people like your services, products, and business, they often enjoy some form of interaction. You can run competitions and contests on your Facebook page, post special promotions, or request feedback from your fans and followers. In addition to learning more about your target audience, you will also gain visibility through their sites and attract new contacts.

Create an event

Whether it is a real-life event or a virtual one, you can create a corresponding Facebook event through your page. You can send out notifications to your friends and fans while encouraging them to share the information. For instance, a consulting firm can run a free online seminar, and a brick-and-mortar book store can start special interest reading clubs. You can leverage your online event promotion with your in-store one and build a new contact base from these special occasions.

Invest in QR codes

QR stands for Quick Response, and with good reasons. They are easy to follow up on with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. People can simply scan the codes and visit your Facebook page whenever and wherever they like to, so include them in all your circulars, paid advertisements, fliers, and promotional material.

Use a customized URL

Once you have a dedicated fan base and you received your first “likes,” you might wish to consider creating your very own “vanity” URL. This can be an easy to remember slogan or a string of words that describe the main intent of your Facebook page. The goal is to be memorable and make it easy for people to remember your page and your business.

Include your Facebook URL on print marketing

Do not underestimate the power of good old-fashioned advertising. Whether it is business cards, letterheads, flyers, or even your promotional products, make your Facebook page address a part of your logo and include it on everything your hand out.


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    why facebook ads? way too expensive. this should be called “free ways to promote a facebook page” 🙂

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