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Here’s Why Your Twitter Marketing Isn’t Working

James Parsons • Updated on October 15, 2013
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So you’ve decided to start marketing on Twitter but your response is lackluster to say the least. Don’t despair. Any new marketing technique involves a little trial and error to hone in on the best response, and Twitter is no exception to the rule. Tweaking your technique in a few simple ways is all you need to get better results from your campaign.

First of all it’s important to understand that social marketing is just that–social. Any user who attempts to approach this marketplace using the old-fashioned methods of “broadcast to a wide crowd and hope your message reaches its target” is doomed to failure. The new internet landscape is tailor-made to approach lead generation in an entirely new, more targeted way while providing the added benefit of unprecedented consumer feedback. It’s all there just for the taking, and all you have to do is use it the right way.

Second, it’s important to remember that most users who are on social media sites are there to have fun, not be bombarded with product messages or overt advertisements, but they will actively seek out those products and services that are pertinent to them if given access and opportunity.

Here are the most common reasons Twitter users fail to thrive along with tips to make your account more successful than ever.

You’re not posting in the right way or time for your audience

Knowing the demographic of your audience will help you understand what hours they are usually online. Twitter posts tend to have a very short shelf life because users don’t respond to older posts, but if you simply repeat yourself hour after hour to make sure you reach your demographic instead of doing this research, followers may find you spammy and tune you out. If you are catering to a more tech savvy crowd that is likely to have smart phones synched to the internet 24/7, then the only limit to your marketing time is when they are sleeping or working, but older or less technically inclined consumers still tend to use Twitter the old-fashioned way–i.e. to socialize at their desktop after a long day’s work. Know who your catering to and when they are most active to have the best response.

You’re not following up

You probably already know that those little @ signs are there just for you and are a great way to broadcast messages to specific users and start a conversation, but if you are simply throwing out a message that doesn’t really engage your readers or not following up in a conversational style, you lose the best opportunity to gain interest in your service or product. Personal, conversational responses increases public interest immensely. As a matter of fact, this may be the most important improvement any Twitter marketing campaign can make.

You’re ruining the party

The internet is no longer a replacement for your set of Encyclopedias Britannica. It is a bustling social square where friends share their lives with other friends and meet new ones on the way. It’s a main hub of social activity that allows users to express their personalities and have fun, or to put is more simply, an ongoing never-ending party. Imaging your Twitter account as you would a conversation at a friend’s house. If you walked into a room full of people and started to expound on the benefits of your product in a loud voice that interrupted everyone’s conversations, you’d probably get kicked to the curb. Twitter is much the same atmosphere, and its users want to keep it that way. So the best way to fit into such a party is, well, to be the life of it! Make jokes, have fun, and win followers over with your charm. Slip in your business agenda in a natural way that makes your followers feel at ease, yet entertained and you’ll win them over with your sheer charisma and charm every time.

You’re not bribing them enough

This is tongue-in-cheek of course, but only to a certain point. Charm and wit aside, people sometimes hesitate to hit the “follow” button because they don’t want to clutter up their Twitter environment with useless information. Even the most entertaining posters will be passed over if followers don’t want their posts to drown out or overwhelm the voice of their friends and interests. There must be a significant value to entice a follower to include you in their social landscape. Try offering discounts to followers or play entertaining games, like scavenger hunts or trivia contests for prizes. Just remember that once you have them as a follower it’s up to you to keep them engaged and entertained. Like mother always said, just be yourself and they’ll like you for who you are.


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