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How to Quickly Improve Your Klout Score with Facebook

James Parsons • Updated on April 2, 2024
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For several years, Klout has been measuring online influence by allowing users to combine all of their blogs and social media accounts into a single online profile. By measuring things like tweets and retweets, status updates and likes, the service estimates how influential someone is on a scale of between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the more influential that individual is among their peers and those they haven’t even met.

One of the best ways to raise this score is to add Facebook to the mix, and then use Facebook in strategic ways that get the account noticed by the Klout algorithm. To enhance a Klout score solely by adding a Facebook account, follow a few general tips when creating new content and sharing it with friends using the world’s largest social network.

When in Doubt, Post an Image Instead of a Textual Update

Facebook is the home of the original status update, but the company has long moved beyond simply typing a few sentences to engage friends and others. In fact, the company recently purchased Instagram as a show of just how committed the service is to valuing images and visual sharing. Klout understands this concept pretty deeply.

In test after test, the Klout algorithm actually responds more favorably to an influential image than it does to an influential status update that was typed out more traditionally. That’s because the service actually assumes that people are more likely to be influenced by visual content rather than the written word, at least on Facebook itself. Next time something needs to be shared, do it visually and reap the rewards.

Schedule Posts for Maximum Exposure

No one is looking at his or her Facebook news feed during the mid-afternoon hours. After lunch, it’s back to work until at least the evening commute or the start of prime time television. That means posts are less likely to inspire likes and user comments around 2 p.m. than they are around dinnertime. Take this into consideration when crafting new content to share with friends.

Generally, Facebook is most active around mealtime: Posts made around breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours tend to draw more interaction from users than those posted between meals or those posted late at night. The reason is simple: More people are online when they first wake up, during their lunch break at work, and around dinnertime at home. More exposure builds influence, and that’s exactly what Klout measures. Schedule appropriately.

Identify, and Interact With, So-Called “Influencers”


Every Klout user has influencers, defined by the service as someone whose influence weighs heavily on another individual’s posts, likes, retweets, and comments. Generally, influencers can be everyone from a celebrity to a neighbor or best friend. No matter who they are, they’re listed on a user’s Klout profile page. As a rule, engaging influencers carries more weight than engaging people who only occasionally like a status or post.

When planning Facebook posts that will directly impact a Klout score, be sure to target those posts toward one or more listed influencers. If one of these influencers interacts with a Facebook image, status update, or other event, the Klout score impact will be instant and generally quite dramatic.

Interact, Interact, Interact

Klout is designed as a measurement of broad interaction online, looking into Facebook posts and dozens of other accounts for indications that a user is authoritative, understood, and valued. The best way to attract people to Facebook posts is to reach out and interact with their own posts. Decide to be a prolific “liker,” an active commenter, and an engaged part of the Facebook ecosystem.

Over time, users who notice consistent liking and commenting will return the favor. They may do this consistently enough to become an influencer, which would then allow them to have an even greater impact on the Facebook portion of a Klout score. By focusing attention outward within the Facebook community, Klout users can ensure that plenty of rewards are drawn inward as well.

Waste No Time: Get Started with Klout Right Away

The competition for Klout’s limelight is stiff, drawing everyone from Food Network celebrities to athletes and the family next door. The best way to start boosting a Klout score is simply to get started right away. Make every post count, and do it consistently, and that Klout score will skyrocket in no time.


  1. Laura Vadala


    I heard you’re supposed to do these things before you sign up for Klout. Does it matter, or can you do these things when you already have a Klout score and profile? Does it affect anything negatively at all?

    • Boostlikes


      I’ve never heard of anything like this. I know Klout score can take a while to update, so it does make sense to an extent to create an account once the bulk of your work is done 🙂 Hope this makes sense, good luck!

  2. Faraz Shaikh


    Bro you are a lifesaver. I wish Klout gave some kind of update interval that they refresh the score, I cant find it. I am excited to see how it plays out

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