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A Breakdown of How Facebook Insights Are Calculated

James Parsons • Updated on December 8, 2021
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For those of us who use Facebook on a daily basis to promote products and services, the introduction of Facebook Insight is a wonderful tool. Facebook Insight can be used to calculate exactly how well your Facebook page is attracting potential customers. This great marketing tool not only calculates the numbers of visitors to your Facebook page, but it also calculates things such as the amount of daily active users, the number of people who are referencing your posts on their own Facebook page, and even media consumptions. So how is all this information calculated?

User Posts

Let’s first take a look at how your user posts are calculated using Facebook Insight. Suppose you posted a status update yesterday about one of your new products. By accessing your Facebook Insight statistics, you’d be able to see a multitude of information about this single post. This handy feature calculates how many people viewed it, the number of people who shared your post, and how many users engaged with the post by posting a comment in reply or liking it.

One the greatest features of Facebook Insights is its ability to take this information and calculate the vitality of the post. By looking at individual statistics of a single status update, you’re able to see what kind of posts attracts the greatest audience. Calculating the strength of Facebook content is not only limited to status updates. The same information can be calculated about photos, video uploads, or links. This is one of the most popular and helpful features of Facebook Insights. The best part is that users are able to download this information into an easy to read excel file for later use.

Likes and Unlikes

Facebook Insights can calculate your Facebook page’s likes as well. It’s not just about how many visitors like your page, though: Facebook Insights can also give you a more detailed description of those who liked your page. By using location based service found on most computers and mobile devices today, Facebook Insights is able to display exactly what part of the world the majority of your likes are from. If your goal is to attract local viewers to your page, Facebook Insights can calculate that information in order for you to see if you’re reaching your target audience.

Another aspect Facebook Insights is able to calculate is how many unlikes you receive in a given day. By taking the number of unlikes and comparing it with your Facebook activity from that day, Facebook Insights is able to give you a detailed description on why you may have lost fans on that particular day. Did you post too much? Was the content you posted inappropriate for some users? Having the ability to compare your data to the number of people who unlike your page is useful for many purposes. With the technology of Facebook Insights, this is a possibility.


For a business who has a physical presence, being able to view how many Facebook users checked into your location on a particular day is a great benefit. The location-based technology of Facebook Insights is able to calculate how many people said they were at your specific location. This feature is ideal for businesses who want to compare their weekly sales to social media statistics.

Audience Reach


With Facebook Insights, users are able to get a detailed description of exactly who their Facebook page is reaching. It’s one thing to have a Facebook page, but to have a Facebook page that no one is paying any attention to is not beneficial for any individual or business. Facebook Insights takes all of your page’s statistical information to give you a detailed graph on who exactly your page is reaching.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this. Say you run a Facebook page that has over 60,000 fans. While having 60,000 fans sounds like a marketing target’s dream, if you’re only able to reach about 25% of them with your content, you’re not taking full of advantage of your potential. With Facebook Insight’s ability to calculate the audience you’re reaching, you’ll be able to see how people found your page, how many people your status updates and other media are reaching, and how certain marketing approaches are affecting your views.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Have you ever wondered if Facebook advertising is working? Is it really worth it to place a small ad on the Facebook sidebar? Facebook Insights is able to answer these questions for you. By using Facebook Insights to determine exactly how many people view your page via an advertisement or just simply via a search engine, you will be able to learn if those little Facebook ads truly are paying off for you

With the technology and information gathered from Facebook, the handy tool known as Facebook Insights can be a lifesaver for all who use the popular social media site as a main hub for attracting business. By being able to pull a multitude of statistics into a simple and easy to analyze report, Facebook Insight is changing the face of marketing. Before Facebook Insights, Facebook pages were simply a way for businesses to make their online presence without understanding how to best interact with their fans. The introduction of this wonderful device has turned Facebook into a true marketing solution for businesses and individuals worldwide.


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