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What Is The Future of Facebook?

James Parsons • Updated on October 18, 2021
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Mark Zuckerberg has literally changed the world when he created Facebook, a social media site at which nearly half of the world’s population is signed up. Researchers estimate users visit Facebook more often throughout the day than any other single site, making this a juggernaut of the Internet world.

But how can this monster of social media continue to grow? There have already been huge structural changes to the way Facebook operates, with it even going public recently. As such, users can expect the company to evolve and grow with the times, as the future of Facebook adapts to meet a changing market.

New Acquisitions

One of the main emerging trends the public is probably already starting to notice is the habit of Facebook to acquire other start ups and tech companies. This is typically done to capitalize on some new software a certain company has created, like facial recognition. Facebook can then dissolve the start up into itself and use that technology, or become partnered with the outside tech company. There has already been plenty of this done, but we should see more and more of it in the near future as Facebook expands its reach.

More Sharing

Facebook is already a sharing site–photos, videos, notes–but this will only grow, particularly as privacy settings evolve and change. Facebook is more and more taking ownership of content users post to its site, which it can then use to market specifically to you or to target audiences within your friends profile. Soon, you will likely have the option to share updates over a number of platforms using your Facebook sign in, reaching a wider audience and streamlining the process. Facebook is a major competitor to Google, and is looking for ways to become more of a one stop shop, so the experience isn’t just about socializing any longer.


Of course, ads are inescapable. There was a time when Facebook was entirely ad free, but that time is obviously behind us. It takes a lot of cash to run the Facebook machine, and ads are just one way to bankroll the process. Ads on Facebook are incredibly attractive to marketers as they can be customized on a user to user basis. The marketer can already see based on your Facebook history what you are interested in and what you are likely to click on. The ad space is the perfect solution. As the years progress expect not just more ads, but more cleverly placed ads, being used in unique and creative ways.



Synergy is that magic ability to take information or marketing of various platforms and allow them to work together to make one cohesive experience. Facebook is already in the middle of making this idea a reality. Think of all the social media platforms an individual is likely to use in a given day. Not just Facebook, but also Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. There will come a time in the not too distant future when you can access all of your profiles in one spot, making for ease of use.


Of course, what is the good in synergy if the platforms working together are not easy to use? Originally, a user had to be seated at a computer to access Facebook, but that has already changed, thanks to smart phones and tablets. Expect the ability to access Facebook anywhere you want to explode soon. Not just phones and computers, but on televisions, blu rays, e readers, and more. Soon, you will be able to connect with friends via Facebook using anything that carries an electric charge and wi fi compatibility.

With its massive popularity, Facebook has become a ubiquitous fact of life. But even the most successful ventures can’t stay stagnant for long, and there really is no way to predict how exactly this social media site will change in the future. One thing is certain, however–it will adapt. And with those adaptation will come a future that is likely to keep the public’s interest. With new acquisitions, evolving technology, marketing, synergy and easy accessibility, you just might find your future self even more likely to sign on than now. Social media is here to stay.


  1. Philip Aldenderfer


    At this rate, Facebook will be around forever. I can’t see Twitter or Vine or Google+ coming out any time soon. Facebook needs some healthy competition for a change.

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