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Here’s Which Type of Facebook Comments Get the Most Likes

James Parsons • Updated on April 14, 2024
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Facebook is the premier social networking platform that has millions of users all over the world. Businesses use Facebook to promote their offerings and private individuals use Facebook to connect with long-lost family member and friends, along with making new friends as well. The world has been made a little smaller thanks to Facebook and how accessible it makes everything to everyone around the world.

One of the indicators that your Facebook page is getting viewed often your readers are the comments your posts elicit. The more likes a comment gets, the more people who are going to want to read that comment. When someone likes a comment, the post usually appears on that person’s news feed as well. This means that likes on comments mean more exposure for the person who made the comment and the entity that originally made the post that caused the comment. What kinds of Facebook comments get the most likes? It all depends on what kind of impact you want your comment to make.


It is important to remember that the like button is the only way that people can respond to a post without actually posting a comment of their own. That is why you will find posts about tragic deaths attracting a lot of likes. People are not approving of the tragic death, but there is no other way to show respect for the departed on Facebook.

That is why controversy always seems to attract likes when it comes to posting on Facebook. If you want to get people to like your comment, then say something controversial that will anger people. You will have a crowd of people who will like your comment because there is no other way to express their opinion on it. Then you will have the crowd of people who love controversy and use the like button to show their appreciation for the bold statement you have made.

There is usually a backlash against controversial statements, so be prepared to be chastised by people on the original post and possibly on your Facebook page as well. But your post will start showing up all over Facebook if you use a little controversy.

Picture Responses


A Facebook meme is a picture with a funny caption on it and memes rule Facebook. When someone makes a post on Facebook, there is a good chance that you will find a meme that expresses how you feel. In the comment field for each Facebook post there is a camera icon that you can click and respond to a post with a picture. Make a file folder on your computer desktop and keep it filled with witty memes you can use to respond to posts that you agree with and disagree with.

Utilizing a meme as a comment will get you a lot of likes just for the meme itself. If the use of the meme is witty, then that will bring a new group of likes. If the meme is popular and fits the situation, then the number of likes will skyrocket. The one drawback here is using outdated memes that Facebook users are tired of seeing. If you use an outdated meme, then that will backfire on you.

Supportive Comments

People enjoy posting personal achievements on Facebook and then waiting to see what those on their friends list think of it. While both negative and positive comments will elicit responses, it is the positive comments that will bring a sustained flow of likes. Negative comments will get people to click the like button for various reasons and they will also cause people to try and do the Facebook equivalent of shouting down those negative comments. But positive and reinforcing comments will get likes for several days.

Witty Answers

When people post questions on Facebook, they should be prepared for the torrential downpour of responses they will get from everyone who either does have the answer, or thinks they have the answer. While a correct answer will get a few likes, a witty answer will get a lot of likes and that stream of likes will continue for a few days. The witty answer should not be an insult and nor should it be offensive. If it makes people laugh without offending the person who originally created the post, then it will attract a lot of likes.

Emoticons Still Get A Huge Response


An emoticon is a picture that is created by simple strokes on the keyboard. For example, typing the “;” character followed immediately by a “)” will create a small picture of a winking, smiling face. When AOL was popular, emoticons were getting created on a regular basis. But the amount of emoticons created by Facebook is rising each and every day.

If you want to get a lot of likes for your comments, then use an unusual emoticon that not many people know about. There are emoticons that can create penguins, sharks and even a robot. When you use a unique emoticon, people will like it and then ask you how you did it. The comment you make showing how you created the emoticon will also attract a significant amount of likes as well.

Being positive on Facebook is the sure way to get a lot of likes for your comments. But there are other creative ways you can use that will keep the likes coming for days after your comment is posted.


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    I’ve had a ton of success with photos. Even if I have something to say, I’ll take the time to put it into a photo and make it clever or cute so it attracts more attention 🙂

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