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How To See Who Is Looking At Your Facebook Timeline

Kenny Novak • Updated on January 25, 2022
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Knowing who visits and browses your Facebook timeline page is not currently possible with the site’s statistics available for users. However, you can check and see who has been frequenting your Facebook by reviewing it yourself and browsing for clues. Additionally, it is also possible to know who is capable of looking at your timeline and its content by properly adjusting your privacy settings for any accounts you own on the site. Knowing how to see who is looking at your timeline and how to prevent others from viewing your updates is a way to maximize the amount of protection and privacy you have when using Facebook anytime.

Check for Frequent “Likes” and Comments

If you want to see which friends on your Facebook have been viewing and participating in the content you have uploaded, shared and posted, simply do a bit of your own research by visiting your own Facebook page yourself. By visiting your Facebook page, you can scroll through all of your recent uploads and posts to see who has been “liking” and commenting on your content. When users have been liking and commenting on your content frequently over the course of time, they likely subscribe to receive notifications of your updates or they have been visiting your page themselves.

When users begin liking and commenting on old photos from months or years ago, it is evident they have been browsing your uploaded content and may have been viewing your timeline at various occasions.

Review Your Messages and “Other” Messages

Check your Facebook messages for any information regarding those who have been viewing your timeline. Select the “Other” category within the Messages section of Facebook to see other users who have been attempting to contact you and who may have viewed your timeline based on your current privacy settings. If you are receiving multiple messages from someone you do not know and you believe they have been visiting your personal timeline, blocking them will stop their access to any content you post unless it is publicly available for all to see.

Update Your Facebook’s Privacy Settings for Your Timeline

Adjusting your Facebook’s privacy settings for your timeline is possible by logging in to your main Facebook account and clicking the settings icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, followed by “Privacy Settings”. Using the privacy settings provided by Facebook is a way to limit access to your photos, timeline and any shared content you have linked with your account.


There is a section within the privacy settings of Facebook named “Who Can See My Stuff?” Within this section, you have the ability to “edit” who can see your future posts. Selecting “edit” is a way for you to manage the privacy of all of your future posts that will appear on your timeline. You can choose to share all of your posts publicly, with friends only, with yourself only or even to a customized list of online Facebook friends and affiliates.

Within the same privacy settings options it is also possible to review all of your past posts and anything that has been posted to Facebook that you have been tagged in personally to change privacy settings on individual pieces of content.

If you do not want strangers sending you friend requests on Facebook from viewing your timeline, you can choose who can send you friend requests within the same privacy settings panel.

Contacting Methods on Facebook

Within the privacy settings of your Facebook account it is also possible to tweak how other users can find you with your phone number, email address and through search engines. Setting your privacy restrictions to friends only or a customized list is highly recommended if you want to keep strangers and users on Facebook who you do not know from viewing any portion of your personal timeline.

Understanding the ins and outs of Facebook and the privacy options it provides for its users is a way for you to truly take control of any accounts you have with the network. The more control you have over your Facebook account, the easier it is to ensure all content posted on your page is approved, appropriate and what you want others to see when visiting.


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