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10 Programs That Will Replace Your Social Media Manager

Kenny Novak • Updated on January 4, 2023
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A social media manager is responsible for making sure a company’s social media marketing campaign is running smoothly and producing positive results. They can achieve this goal by several methods which include an endless amount of manual and repetitive tasks on multiple social media platforms. Their job consists of updating posts, finding and posting content and analyzing results from social media activity. This job description only includes a very small portion of what a social media manager needs to complete as quickly and accurately as possible.

What makes a social media manager’s job even more challenging is that social media is constantly changing. New social media websites are evolving and the amount of social media users is rapidly increasing. The world of social media has gotten so large that it is impossible for one person to manage, organize and analyze marketing activity.

Many software development companies have recognized the overwhelming amount of manual tasks involved in running a successful social media marketing campaign. They have developed software programs that replace the need for a social media manager because the programs have the ability to automate manual tasks. These companies have built platforms that allow several users to participate in social media marketing campaigns. This is important because more employees are sharing in the responsibility of marketing tasks. The programs are built to be very user friendly. Most are easy to install and manage.

Many of the programs have the ability to find the best content to assist in branding your product or service. Social media programs can even analyze data in real-time and instantly generate very accurate reports.


An app called was started by a group of advertisers and marketers who saw a crucial need to improve the few social media programs that were available when social media was becoming popular. They understood the frustration and excessive amount of time that was a result of analyzing multiple reports from several different social media management tools. Their program combines multiple reports into one dashboard. It can also find and suggest content and relevant stories to post on social media websites before the content is posted by competitors. uberVU’s solution allows a company to make better marketing decisions and complete more successful campaigns.

2. eliminates the time-consuming task of setting up and running social media campaigns manually and only being to work on one-at-a-time. HootSuite allows users to complete this task from one dashboard. They can send out posts and messages from the same dashboard. HootSuite can also schedule a time to most and to send out messages. The program can target niche markets and analyze social media data quickly. It also allows more than one person to manage social marketing campaigns. HootSuite is compatible and integrates with the most popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In.

3. offers a program that concentrates on interacting with customers on social media sites through Social Inbox. This includes millions of local and global websites, forums and blogs. Engagor has the ability to recognize over 160 languages. The program allows companies to check their reputation and multiple profiles across social media websites. can monitor social activity in social media sites as well as across blogs and forums.


social-media-manger-program offers a program that is designed to manage the content that your company will be posting across social media platforms. The program is able to schedule and automate postings if desired. Buffer is team friendly because it allows multiple employees to manage content. Companies can also analyze social media data by viewing extremely detailed reports to decide what works and what does not. Buffer offers a complete solution because they understand that short-cuts are not the answer to social media engagement.

5. recognizes the need for companies to get quick solutions and answers to a customer’s issues. Sprout Social has the ability to easily route questions to the proper company department and to know who is available for immediate answers. This includes a response rate meter that shows how well and how fast messages are being responded to. It also has the ability to schedule the publishing of content on a calendar that can be collaborated with other employees. Users can draft content ideas quickly for future use.

6. understands that social media responsibilities need to be spread out among all employees in order to achieve the goals of a social media marketing campaign. They understand that everyone should have the tools to share content. Their program has the ability to oversee and organize conversations between employees and customers. Addvocate offers a community environment that allows all voices to be heard. It identifies, amplifies and measures social media activity easily and without the hassle of administrative passwords. Addvocate can build customized reports that show who is sharing more content.

7. offers products that focus on targeting the right audience on social media platforms and presenting the best content to those audiences. They use influencer marketing that has the ability to target audiences by using just one word. Tellagence Discover has the ability to inventory social media conversations and match them with needed content by concentrating on conversation topics or themes. Tellagence Community concentrates on predicting where certain content will be spread within a community and analyzes how likely it is too spread. Tellagence recognizes that communities on social media platforms are constantly changing due to different interests, events and participation time.


Spredfast recognizes the need for social media teams to build strong customer relationships. Spredfast encourages companies to build larger social teams. Spredfast gives employees all of the tools to engage with customers and fans on social media. These tools help build strong relationships and initiate social activity that will strengthen your brand by attracting the right audience. Spredfast has the ability to work with large brands and has the history to prove that ability. Spredfast understands that every interaction within social media is important.

9. offers an all-in-one solution for social media marketing campaign needs. They offer a platform that allows social media marketers to increase the presence of their brand and business in the social media world. Sendible provides a quick way to monitor and respond to posts about your brand. The platform also has the ability to interact with social media contacts quickly and efficiently by using a bulk messaging system. Furthermore, it allows your contacts to share those email messages in social media environments. Users can set up a blog, Sendiblog to help increase traffic flow to a specific website. This platform keeps track and analyzes activities of social media users such as when they like, share or click on a company post.

10. has recognized the importance of being able to manage social media profiles in real-time and on a local and global level. Their software has the ability to manage thousands of social profiles at once. Communities can be managed quickly and easily. It also provides the ability to analyze social media data through highly visual tools. By using only one platform, users can plan, publish, moderate and more. gives your company complete control over all social media marketing campaigns.


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