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Growing Your YouTube Views – How Fast Is Too Fast?

Kenny Novak • Updated on December 23, 2013
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YouTube is a major social outlet responsible for generating popularity and a bit of income for those who are good at marketing their brand. Over the years, the quality of a Google search has changed from being exposed to search engine tactics into providing a great user experience.

The way they have achieved this is by shifting a focus to the quality of content online, to put the most reputable sites at the top of results. Social signals use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other user-based outlets to gauge popularity.

Becoming an overnight success on YouTube is rewarding in some ways, but it is best in the long run to grow the amount of views gradually.

The Rise of YouTube Stars

Overnight success creating a video with a million hits is something many people dream, but few can achieve. Although talented, musical acts like Tay Zonday and Samwell are considered one-hit-wonders for their single releases. A lack of marketing expertise prevents many YouTube stars from long-term success. Stumbling across a humorous idea and acting impulsively is careless. Jenna Marbles dedicates the time to post regular content, growing her subscribers to over 11 million. Each new video has over 1 million views, with some closer to 10 million.

Taking the time to relate to viewers, regularly creating new content, and marketing her brand enabled the young woman to become a comedian and blogger. She was able to shift her entire life path through YouTube, including not pursuing a professional career with her college degree. You could be the next Internet personality with the right knowledge and a little creativity.

YouTube Popularity And The Google Effect

SEO tactics over the years relied heavily on keyword stuffed content to bump to the top of search results. In an effort to make the user experience better, Google search engine ranks now rely on multiple components, including social signals.

Reputation based on popularity within social media outlets play a big part in the determination of which pages have quality. Sharing videos, voting “up”, and subscribing to channels is one way to make use of social signals, especially following the merging with Google+.

Marketing Techniques for Increased Views

Uploading one significantly popular video on an empty channel is an example of growing Youtube views too fast. Viewers have no incentive to stay without a promise of interesting videos to follow. Work on building the content, and be consistent to let visitors see the dedication to the channel.

It is not necessary to be extremely creative or talented to posses ideas that appeal to the public. Experts recommend focus on valuable content designed to keep viewers browsing the channel. Multiple views typically encourages a subscription to be alerted of future updates.

Site owners, bloggers, and social media users achieve the most success by linking all accounts together. Ask friends, family, and readers to subscribe to attract regular views.Marketing-Techniques-for-Increased-Views

Be Personable

Comments require signing in with the Google+ account to link the two networks seamlessly. Google circles are able to view the activity of their friends and family. Owning a growing YouTube channel opens up the entire Internet to interact through comments. While viewer numbers are still low, take the time to personally reply to every single response. This encourages regular discussion, boosting interest and resulting in YouTube and Google+ social signals.

Ask everyone for a subscription if they enjoy the content, the worst that could happen is they reject the invitation. Negative comments are notoriously evident on viral videos, which makes it nearly impossible to connect individually with positive people. Blocking interactions is never recommended when attempting to keep visitors interested.

Don’t become discouraged as popularity grows and brings in negativity. These individuals are still contributing with video views. In fact, as they revisit to respond to new comments, they are technically counted as another view.

Postpone Viral Marketing

Do you have a really creative idea and plan for achieving overnight viral success? Don’t jump the gun and play the views game too soon. Take a few months to establish relevant channel content, compose a regular blog that appeals to a similar audience, and start a web site to cover all areas. A social media following should not be limited to YouTube and Google+ exclusively. Invest in a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram is they are appropriate for the audience. A channel and personality worthy of dedicated fans needs to be as involved and available as possible.

Blogs and web sites easily integrate social media sharing widgets, allowing sharing and recommendation to become extremely simple. Once you feel that everything has been covered and a small audience has begun to follow, release a viral type of video and promote it as intensely as possible. There is no set guideline for what becomes a hit, but it helps to be trendy or humorous so that viewers are more likely to share with friends.

The network in social media trusts recommendations made by friends and family more than a top result from Google.

Viral videos that grow to a million YouTube views is not easy to accomplish, but the Internet makes it possible for anyone to become popular overnight. Creativity, talent, and personality can attract random views, but careful use of time and marketing techniques generate long-term success. Use social signals to your advantage when moving up the ladder to Internet popularity.


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