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Steps to Get a Facebook Page Unblocked or Unbanned

James Parsons • Updated on March 14, 2022
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A banned or blocked Facebook page is never a desirable situation for any business, group or organization. Millions use the social site to connect with others who have common interests, and a ban can cost an organization a large segment of online followers. A banned or blocked page can also mean hours of lost work spent adding interesting content. Following some specific steps can restore a blocked or banned Facebook page in some instances, but users are reminded that the social media site’s administrators have the final say in whether a page will be restored.

Facebook pages have been taken down without warning in the past, an action many individuals consider arbitrary and unfair. A lack of information about specific violations can present a discouraging situation as well. In publicized cases, an organization or group’s Facebook page administrator receives a boilerplate email notifying him or her the page has been removed. The email normally contains no details as to why the page was blocked, but the following steps can improve chances of reversing this action.

Common Reasons For a Facebook Page Ban or Block

Excessive page activity is the most common reason for a Facebook page ban, although the exact definition of “excessive” is subjective according to the site administration’s internal guidelines. Too many posts on a page in too short of a time period can trigger Facebook’s spam alert, especially if those posts contain similar types of links. Other activities that can get a page banned or blocked include:

  • Sending too many friend requests
  • Joining too many other Facebook groups
  • Sending too many messages to page followers
  • Adding promotional links to a page too many times

According to Facebook’s internal algorithms, any of these activities can be interpreted as spamming or aggressive behavior towards other users. In most cases, the page owner’s intent is completely benign and not intended to spam or harass anyone. Algorithms don’t recognize individual circumstances, so a ban can be triggered all the same.

Step 1: Review Communication From Facebook Carefully

Many banned page owners report that the language of Facebook’s notification email is ambiguous, but reading through it can yield some clues as to why a ban was enacted. These notification emails often mention violations from a third party or refer to an anonymous complaint without specific details. In this situation, a page administrator can infer that some of his or her posted content violated a copyright or trademark rule, such as posting without first asking permission of the original owner.

Step 2: Go Over Past Facebook Activity


The key to this step is recalling and noting anything different from usual Facebook activity in the days just before the ban. This activity can include a group event sent to a large number of followers or an excessive number of page “likes” in the time frame of only a few days. Administrators normally find very little if any activity that could have justified a Facebook page ban, which strengthens their position when appealing to the social site’s administrative support staff.

Step 3: Respond to Facebook’s Inital Email

When replying to this email, page owners are advised to remain polite and professional because strong wording or aggressive language will not help anyone’s case. The email should explain that the page owner has reviewed all Facebook activity carefully and ask for clarification about exactly which terms of service the banned page violated. If there is no response from Facebook within three to five business days, a page administrator can then send a form letter available in the Facebook Help Center to

Step 4: Ask For Help From Outside Followers

In the majority of cases, Facebook’s follow-up correspondence instructs the page administrator to contact the disputing third party directly and work to resolve the matter of alleged violation. Since no specific details are available regarding which content allegedly violated which rules, uncovering this information rests with the page owner. In the majority of these instances, there is no provided information regarding the third party’s identity or contact details. Most businesses, groups and organizations have web presences in addition to Facebook, and owners with banned pages have had success asking their regular website visitors to appeal the ban on the group’s behalf. Some ideas for spreading the word and generating support for a banned Facebook page include:

  • Blogging about the Facebook ban
  • Posting about it on Twitter
  • Adding a link to the story on a page owner’s personal Facebook timeline

Since Facebook can also remove personal accounts with no explanation or warning, page owners should keep offline copies of all details about the ban. These include written content about what happened and any screen captures of a blocked login page. This step will allow the information to still circulate even if it is removed entirely from Facebook.

Step 5: Exercise New Precautions For a Restored Facebook Page

Once the formerly blocked Facebook page is restored to good standing, the next step is to thank the site administration as a professional courtesy. A page owner is then advised to practice moderation guidelines for posts, links, messages, friend requests, page invites and event invitations. In one session of updating the Facebook page, administrators should send out no more than 20 messages or page invites at one time. Personalizing the wording of each message or invite is another method for safeguarding against triggering Facebook’s spam alerts.

Using Moderation With Facebook Marketing


Building individual relationships with page followers is another means of keeping a page from incorrectly marked as a violation. Adding large numbers of friends and followers without ever writing on their walls can be identified as spamming behavior. This part of Facebook marketing takes more time, but it will help a page become more established and safer from another possible ban. Page administrators should also keep limits on the numbers of promotional links they post on a regular basis.

Another area to exercise caution is when joining other groups. Facebook does have a published rule that a maximum of 200 groups are allowed for a single organization or entity. Unlike the other arbitrary rules that require guessing, this one is clearly spelled out in the Facebook help center. To err on the side of caution, page administrators are advised to keep this number limited and on the lower end. Only joining relevant groups will also aid in avoiding another red flag from the Facebook administration.

Having a Facebook page blocked or banned is normally a source of headache, but following some good faith practices and steps will bring good chances of getting the page restored. Learning and implementing some specific marketing and promotion guidelines will prevent the same situation in the future. A lesson to be taken from a Facebook ban is that prudent social media managers do not rely on a single platform to build a fan base or group of repeat customers. Mixes of customized, engaging content posted across several social media platforms will go a long way in keeping all accounts in good standing.


  1. Annie Largey


    Good morning, I would love some advice on having my business page republished. I’m not sure what I have done as it was unpublished before and then Facebook apologized and said it had been done in error, and now I am in the same situation again and only get a response of “we have looked at your appeal and your page will remain unpublished”. No exact reason, even though I asked six times for exact reason so that I could then amend my mistakes. I’m new to all this and probably have made a mistake somewhere but don’t know how or where. Is there a help line number for the UK? Annie

    • James Parsons


      Hi Annie! Sorry to hear your page was unpublished. Facebook is super tough to get ahold of, and they don’t really do phone support. Your best bet is through email, but even then the wait times are crazy long and it can be weeks before you get a reply. It sounds like your page violates something in their terms. What is the nature of the page? For example, certain pages like casino, cryptocurrency, drugs, supplements, things like that are more heavily regulated on Facebook and can result in an unpublished page.

  2. Constantinos Menelaou


    James I have the same issue, can you please help me? I’m looking forward for your message.

    • James Parsons


      Hi Constantinos! Does your page violate Facebook’s guidelines? Did they tell you why it was banned? Also, have you tried appealing yet?

      • Hempforhealthireland


        Hey can anyone help me my page has bein disabled they are reviewing my I.D. We are a registered company and this is going to destroy us.. How can I contact Facebook and get my page back. CBD is legal in Ireland and we are not breaking any laws

  3. Ago


    Good afternoon, This morning I got a message from facebook that my sports site was blocked due to a video that was set two years before (2017). I have not made any screenshots. Now I do not have access and page as it does not exist in general. I would be grateful if you have a suggestion for what I could do.

  4. Milan


    I made the stupid mistake of sharing a post to multiple groups the other day and boom, my page has been banned. Well, it is still open to the public, but I can’t publish my business name (and website URL) anywhere on facebook – including private messages. It’s really inconvenient. There was no notification email about this.

    • Rohini


      Same here😞 James, How do I check to know till when block last? Can I repost everyday and check if ban is lifted?

  5. Anthony sena


    Hi Just wondering why I have a temporarily banned from some of my local pages. I do understand the large amounts of post of my business. Didn’t realise there was so much when I had it organised to post. May I ask how long does it take or do I have to do something to get back and advertise manually. Hope to here from someone soon. Regards Anthony

  6. Swati


    I made the stupid mistake of sharing a post to multiple groups the other day and boom, my page has been banned. Well, it is still open to the public, but I can’t publish my business name (and website URL) anywhere on facebook – including private messages. It’s really inconvenient. There was no notification email about this.

  7. Abhishek Jain


    Swati, same is happening with us and from the last 45 days I got in touch with facebook support team, they will always tell that we are looking into this matter, will update you soon, but they never update.

  8. Bart Moore


    Facebook banned my account for 30 days based on fictional characters nowhere in community standards does it mention fictional characters.I accepted thier decision by mistake I’m half blind thought I was pressing the appeal decision button but didn’t what can I do?

  9. Dan


    Our page may be shadow banned. Any ideas how we can come out of this? facebook never sent us an email

  10. Batteristafoto Phil Maturano


    My page has been blocked or something. Don’t know why. i try to login and it asks for my phone number. I input the number and still it doesn’t work. I don’t really want facebook knowing my phone number as it is a private number. Can you please unblock my page? Thank you in advanced.

  11. Sabrina


    Hi, I do not understand why I can’t create new business pages on facebook. I keep receiving a message saying I am indefinitely banned from creating pages. I tried creating the page through Instagram but I keep receiving an error message. I sent a bunch of messages to the HELP team and I still haven’t had a response. What can I do?

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