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How to Become YouTube Famous – The Ultimate Guide

Kenny Novak • Updated on December 2, 2013
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Every time you turn on the TV there is news about a viral video on YouTube that has millions of views. Talented and untalented people are busy making videos and posting them on the world’s largest video site. The dream is to be noticed and attract a fan following. The lucky ones that are found to be intriguing for some reason can move on to exciting opportunities in commercials, music, TV and movies.

There are millions of videos posted on YouTube. Yet, only a small fraction ever attracts enough attention to go viral. How come some people become YouTube famous while most languish in obscurity?

Is there a hidden secret to making videos popular?

The answer is there is no surefire method to becoming a YouTube star. There is definitely an X factor at work. A certain combination of qualities comes together in just the right way to stand out among a crowded field. There is stiff competition for viewers and people tend to be fickle. What is a hoot to one person is boring to the next. However, there are some ways you can increase the odds of being discovered as the next big thing.

Tip #1: Show Your Uniqueness

When you tune in to a TV talent show the judges can be heard telling contestants to be more unique. The ones that attract the most attention have something unique about them. This is what is needed for video productions as well. Avoid trying to be like another famous person. Avoid copying someone else’s idea in the exact same way.

Your video will be ignored if it comes across as too plain vanilla. Figure out how you can add your own unique twist to something. Stand out and be special.

Tip #2: Always Be Yourself

Have you ever heard the expression, “Just Do You?” Well, this is what you should remember when planning your videos. Unless you are acting out an obvious role, you should always be the real you. People can spot a phony quickly and will leave nasty comments that can end your video hopes.

There are some people that get away with a fake persona for a brief time. However, they are inevitably found out and chased off the site. Remember that the most valuable thing you have is your reputation. People respond positively to authenticity. This applies to all video content.

If you are shy or embarrassed on camera, be open about it. Your first videos are not going to be the best. In time, you will grow more comfortable and be very relaxed sharing parts of you with the world.

Tip #3: Quality Counts


Forget about grabbing a camera and shooting whatever pops into your head. Most YouTube celebrities spend time carefully planning the action for each video. They often rehearse what they are going to say or perform until it looks completely effortless. Do not come across like a goofball. Embrace professionalism.

Learn how to correctly operate a camera or find someone that can get good shots. Video scenes should look clear, focused and steady. If you are shooting alone, consider investing in a tripod to keep the camera steady at eye level.

Tip #4: Use Quality Editing Tools

Many popular videos feature cool editing tricks that enhance the viewing experience. They use editing tools to achieve these special effects. Editing makes videos look more professional. Take some time to learn how to use editing tools. Make use of any editing features in the camera.

Tip #5: Help Others

Share your expertise with others and help improve their lives. People visit YouTube looking for information on all sorts of topics. Put together your best tips and make videos explaining things in an easy to understand manner. Keep it interesting and avoid sounding like a bored school teacher.

Tip #6: Use Humor

Laughter makes the world go around. It is no accident that many of the most popular videos include a good bit of humor. People enjoy watching humorous shenanigans and skits of people and pets. Humor can also be included to liven up informational videos.

The key is to use humor wisely. You don’t want to come across too silly, or worse, not funny. Keep in mind there is a delicate balance between tasteful humor and crossing the line into crudeness.

Tip #7: Keep Adding More

Becoming famous requires work. Throwing up one or two videos is not going to be enough to attract attention. Remember, you are starting out as a nobody as far as the public is concerned. They need to see you a lot before becoming a loyal fan. You need to continue adding more videos to your channel. The optimal pace is one video per week.

Weekly uploads may be too much for your busy schedule. Determine how many videos you can make in a month and try to reach that goal. The more videos you put up for viewing the easier it is for people to discover you.

Tip #8: Spiff Up Your Channel


YouTube makes it easy to create an awesome looking channel for visitors. Go the extra mile to impress everyone that sees your channel. Think up a catchy name for your channel. Select a cool graphic background with a theme that matches your content.

Make your channel description appealing. Explain the motivations and inspiration behind your video content. Let visitors know how they will benefit from subscribing. Attracting subscribers is important to becoming popular.

Include links to your blog, website and social media pages.

Tip #9: Include Tags and Links

Each time you upload a video include tags that help people find it on the site. You can research good tag words by checking out similar videos. Include a link to your site at the beginning of the description. YouTube videos can bring steady traffic to websites.

Tip #10: Interact With Visitors and Subscribers

Comments are an important part of the YouTube experience. Make an effort to respond to comments about your videos. People appreciate being recognized. Some will post questions, which you should try to answer in a timely fashion.

Ignore the haters that cannot resist being negative.

Tip #11: Visit Other Popular Channels

Take time to check out popular channels that appeal to you. Subscribe or leave comments to let them know you appreciate their work. Link to your favorite channels inside your own channel. Being social brings more attention to your own channel. One thing you may notice is that when you subscribe to someone’s channel they often return the gesture.

Tip #12: Promote Heavily

Spread the word about your videos to everyone you can. Share links in emails and on social media sites. Ask family and friends to share your videos with their social circle. Never stop promoting. Create a blog for your videos.

Tip #13: Collaborate With Successful Video Makers

Seek out successful YouTube producers and partner with them on video projects. A successful collaboration can quickly increase your fans and subscribers, resulting in wider exposure.

Tip #14: Be Patient

Becoming a YouTube sensation does not happen overnight. Follow the above tips and remain patient. Be persistent and one day you will wake up to an explosion of buzz about your videos.


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