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50 Free Facebook Apps to Help Manage Your Business Page

James Parsons • Updated on March 5, 2024
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These days, most businesses are on multiple social media accounts, and the competition for customers is fierce. Therefore, if you want to increase your fans and create more customers, you need to work hard to give your company an advantage over the others.

Gaining a business advantage can be difficult when you do not have a large marketing budget to work with, but it is not impossible. Facebook apps are one way that you can customize your Facebook page and help it to stand apart from the rest without spending a lot of money. Use one or several of the fifty apps on this list to customize your page, connect with your fans and make your social marketing easier. These apps are all completely free, contain free basic versions or are free up to a certain fan base size.

Create Custom Facebook Pages

1. IFrame Apps allows business owners to create a custom fan page with IFrame apps and increase their likes with a fan gate.

2. Social Munkee Front Page allows businesses to upload an attractive and engaging image as their Facebook business page.

3. Static HTML: IFrame Tabs allows businesses to create custom tabs on their Facebook pages that contain any sort of content they would like.

4. The TabSite Image Widget lets businesses drop images on their business pages and position them just where they want them.

5. The TabSite IFrame Widget lets business owners add outside web content to their Facebook fan pages.

6. The Tradable Bits HTML app lets business owners embed HTML right on their Facebook page.

7. Woobox HTML Fangate allows businesses to set up and display anything within their Facebook business page’s IFrame area. Content can be different for fans and nonfans.

Post Automatically

8. NetworkedBlogs allows businesses to automatically post their content to Facebook and to connect with other similar blogs on Facebook.

9. RSS Graffiti allows businesses to post blog updates to their Facebook pages automatically.

10. The PageModo free version allows business owners to schedule Facebook updates and find great suggestions with a Post suggestions tool.

11. The TabSite Content Widget allows businesses to add text, links and tables to their Facebook business pages.

12. The TabSite RSS Widget allows businesses to add an RSS feed to their Facebook business page. Business owners can choose to display full or partial posts.

Collect Fan Information


13. MailChimp adds a signup form to businesses’ Facebook pages so they can collect the e-mail addresses of people that like them. The first 12,000 emails and 2,000 subscribers are free.

14. SurveyMonkey allows businesses to create surveys and online polls for their Facebook page visitors. Business owners can use the data they gather to improve their business.

15. The TabSite E-mail Sign-up Form Widget allows business owners to easily collect the e-mails of their fans.

16. The TabSite Form Builder Widget lets business owners build customizable forms that can be used to store email addresses or allow fans to enter contests.

17. The Tradable Bits Download app lets businesses offer fans a download in exchange for their email address.

18. The Tradable Bits Poll app lets business owners create a poll to learn about their fans.

Host Contests and Giveaways

19. Etsy’s Easy Social Media Marketing Campaigns allows business owners to run social contests and promotions and market Etsy items on Facebook.

20. TABMAKER Sweepstake Basic allows businesses to raffle off prizes and generate additional Facebook friends who want to win their contests.

21. The Tradable Bits Instant Win app lets business owners reward fans for stopping by and playing instant win games.

22. Woobox Pick a Winner allows businesses to easily, quickly and fairly pick a winner for their Timeline contests.

Link Multiple Business Accounts

23. The Ecwid E-commerce Facebook app allows business owners to add a store right to their Facebook page for easy customer access.

24. TABMAKER YouTube allows businesses to add YouTube videos and channels to their Facebook pages without using advanced web design skills.

25. The TabSite ProductShow Widget allows businesses to display their products so customers can buy them directly from Facebook.

26. The TabSite Twitter Widget allows business owners to add their tweets to their Facebook pages. The number of tweets, style of tweets and background are all customizable.

27. The TabSite VideoShow Widget lets business owners add a YouTube video slideshow to their Facebook business page.

28. Tintup allows businesses to connect their social media accounts. Linking the first two accounts is free.


29. Woobox Instagram Tab allows businesses to display their Instagram photos on their Facebook business pages.

30. Woobox Twitter Feed Tab allows businesses to easily display their Twitter feed contents on their Facebook business page.

31. Woobox Pinterest Tab allows businesses to display their Pinterest boards and pins on their Facebook business pages.

32. Woobox YouTube Tab allows businesses to post YouTube videos to their Facebook feeds to get additional subscribers.

Publish Fan Reviews

33. Social Raves not only posts customer reviews on Facebook business sites, but it also publishes them for search engines as well.

34. The Tradable Bits Review app lets business owners publish fan reviews to their Facebook pages.

Connect with Fans

35. Constant Contact allows people to join a business’s mailing list so businesses can turn fans into customers.

36. Contact Me allows businesses to put a form on their Facebook pages so customers and fans can easily contact them.

37. InlineVision Contact Form for Facebook offers Facebook business page fans a way to contact business owners directly without leaving a comment on the page wall.

Offer Employment

38. allows businesses to share job listings and accept job applications right from their Facebook page.

39. Work for Us allows businesses to find and hire new employees straight from their Facebook business pages.

Receive Email Notifications

40. HyperAlerts allows businesses to keep track of Facebook activity by sending out email notifications when people post and comment on business pages.

41. NutshellMail sends businesses a summary of their Facebook activity by email, saving business owners the time it takes to log into their Facebook accounts.

Other Great Apps

42. FAQ Page is a Facebook app that lets business owners easily create a page of frequently asked questions and answers for their Facebook page.

43. Livestream allows businesses to share important events live via Facebook.

44. ShortStack allows businesses with fewer than 2,000 fans to display their latest tweets, sweepstakes entry forms, Google maps and more for free.

45. The TabSite Countdown Widget allows businesses to add a countdown timer to their Facebook pages.

46. The TabSite Google Map Widget lets business owners add a Google Map to their Facebook page so their customers can find them easily.

47. The TabSite PhotoShow Widget lets business owners add image slideshows of up to 30 images within a tab.

48. The Tradable Bits QuizPlus app lets business owners quiz fans on their knowledge of the company.

49. The Tradable Bits Tug of War app helps business owners engage their fans by creating a two-sided competition.

50. Wunderlust allows businesses to manage their to-do lists and make their goals a reality. Businesses can also collaborate with others to get things done.


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