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Use Facebook to Turn Your Fans into Targeted Leads

James Parsons • Updated on August 6, 2022
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Generating traffic to a business site or special product and service you provide is key to completing transactions. This is true if you have a fan-base or not. What’s more important is that the traffic being generated is as targeted as can be. What this means is that a million visitors to a site or store means nothing if those visitors find themselves in the wrong place once they enter. You may be in luck if you already have a following of fans that know and adore what you are accomplishing in the real world.

Your Targeting Campaign

The key objective in targeting leads and traffic is minimizing all of the visits received to people who were actually searching and in need of what you offer. This can be a tricky effort that requires a lot of skill and experience. It takes time and money to engage with every customer and those resources should be preserved for relationships that will guarantee your principle investment and increase your bottom-line. This can be done with a well-prepped targeting campaign that consist of knowing who and where you will do most of your targeting.

How to Target

Accomplishing a great targeting campaign is mainly about knowing your product: who uses it, why, when, where and how often. Answering these questions can lead to the understanding needed for initiating a productive outcome in the relationships a business builds. Fortunately, this modern-age is geared toward helping businesses achieve success by personalizing promotions while also making it easy and accessible. One of the best organizations accomplishing this is Facebook.

Generating Leads with Facebook

Now that the target audience is known and better-understood, general knowledge must be advanced by familiarity with the tools available for business owners on Facebook. Though it is commonly used for socializing among friends, there are many ways to advance business presence and Facebook has tried to encourage this approach. It is now the perfect way of generating leads.

The Facebook Tools


Building a business page on Facebook is easy, accessible and can become highly visible. Sadly, these pages are not ideal. Relying on a business page on Facebook cannot be the primary method of generating leads with this site.

At the heart of all consumer activity on the internet, no one wants to be bombarded with advertisement. Therefore, a personal page must also be built to coincide with a Facebook business page. When business pages find their target audience, their only potential action is to show up on user’s newsfeed as an ad or by sending requests. Without a personal page, business pages cannot send requests. Sending requests is the preferred and most productive method of generating leads. Below you will find out why.

Being Social

Remember, Facebook is about being social. With a personal page, interaction with leads invited to friendship is easily reached. Likewise, though the internet is full of ads, people do try to avoid them. By interacting with leads through a personal page, a sincere relationship is built as well as the message that your presence is “among the people”. This social avenue also allows businesses to send requests once personal relationships and branding has been built elsewhere: i.e. store location.

Being Interactive

Now that a flexible platform for reaching targeted leads is created, activity must occur to create better presence. The key to being seen on Facebook is activity. The consistency of activity on Facebook will allow Facebook’s algorithm to post your activity on friends’ and followers’ newsfeeds. Now that you potentially have followers and friends, the more activity you employ, the more often and the higher up you will appear on others’ newsfeeds.

The trick with this method is to not appear spammy or as an advertisement. Instead, by engaging with an audience on the basis of entertainment, a business can encourage their targeted leads to find what activities they are doing, and better yet, find links on their personal and business page when they are answering the question, “What are these people really about?” In being entertaining, posts should include funny or informative content. It must also relate to the business’s field of specialty but just not the full-fledge advertisement of, “Buy XYZ now!”


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