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10 Growth Hacks for Your Next YouTube Video

James Parsons • Updated on April 17, 2014
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Whether you are already a prominent YouTube star or if you have an avid interest in launching your own account and sharing your thoughts and opinions with the world, implementing a few growth hacks for your next YouTube video can help you to stand out among any competition you may have, regardless of what you are promoting or sharing with others online. Knowing how to increase the number of views and followers you gain on YouTube with the next video you publish live can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success in the online realm today.

Have a Timeline

Setting goals any time you plan to record and share a new video is essential when you want to build a reputation for yourself on YouTube and a name as a well-known contributor. When users create videos and share them without direction, a script or a general feel for the video itself, it can often appear misleading or confusing to anyone watching. Set both short and long-term goals to help coordinate video shoots and daily or weekly updates.

Do Some Competition Recon

Knowing the audience or demographic you want to reach with your YouTube channel is also necessary to find the right voice and the ability to reach those who are interested in what you have to say or share online. Learning about the details of your audience such as their age group, gender and even specific interests or hobbies they have individually or collectively as a group is a way for you to create and generate content that is relevant and interesting to those who follow you on YouTube.

Be Influential To Your Followers

The more you become actively involved and engaged within the YouTube community itself, the easier it is to build a following and to gain traction on any videos you have uploaded and want to share or promote yourself. Any time you watch new videos, popular videos or videos of users you follow, add comments and begin conversations with others to bring attention to your username and the page or videos you have uploaded to your own YouTube account.

Keep An Eye on Trends

Tracking keywords and trends on YouTube as well as on Google is a must when you want to grow the number of views and subscribers you receive from your latest upload to YouTube. Tracking trends and keywords can be done with free tools online and with the use of Google Trends itself, an extension of the YouTube community. Tracking keyword trends can give you more insight into the most relevant news and gossip along with discoveries to talk about in any type of video you plan to publish and share with your current online followers and viewers.


Subscribe to YouTube Stars

Subscribing to relevant YouTube stars is not only a way for you to properly network and get to know those who are well-known on YouTube, but it is another way to gain additional insight into various shooting techniques, script-writing tricks as well as other methods of creating and sharing popular and wildly successful videos each day. The more in-tune you are with the current leaders of YouTube and other social networking communities, the less likely you are to struggle with updating and creating content that is just as appealing and refreshing to your own viewers and followers.

Create Your Own Website

Launching your own official website is a way for you to build a professional image while also boosting your own credibility and reputation within any industry you are working in or represent with YouTube. Having an official website also gives you a platform to share previous works, media and your own portfolio to help with building a name for yourself and any name you have selected for your current YouTube account. Using your own professional website is also a way for you to showcase any type of uploads or videos you share online at all times. Additionally, when you have an official website, it is much easier for individuals and potential business contacts or associates to find the information they need about you to get in touch. Using an official website helps you to stand out among competitors while giving you a creative edge if you are looking to work with YouTube competitively or even professionally as a full-time career.

Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another way to help promote any type of content, media or video you have published and want to share with a wider audience. After you have uploaded and published the YouTube video you want to boost in views, guest blogging opportunities with relevant topics and subjects is highly recommended to help with gaining traction and getting maximum reach. You can find guest bloggers in your industry and field by conducting research and also by scouring the YouTube community for the individuals who best fit your own site’s direction and vision.

Cross Promote With Affiliates

Cross promotion is one of the most well-known methods of growing not only YouTube channels, but also additional businesses and brands worldwide. When you choose to cross promote with affiliates on YouTube, you can do so by mentioning users within your videos and having them do the same in their next YouTube update video or the content they choose to publish. Finding affiliates with more or the same number of followers is highly recommended for maximum reach and the most effectiveness when attempting to gain more views for your video.

Utilizing Social Media for Marketing Purposes


It is also important to consider the opportunity to utilize social media for marketing purposes. Using social media for marketing purposes is a way for you to quickly reach hundreds, thousands and even millions of users with the use of hashtags, links and by promoting content on multiple networks simultaneously. The more involved you are with social media when uploading and sharing new YouTube videos, the easier it becomes to generate responses and interest in the content you want to share and promote. Having an account to represent your YouTube channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and even Tumblr is ideal when you want to reach an audience of potentially millions, even if you are promoting a local blog or business with your YouTube account.

Create an Update Schedule

Releasing new videos on YouTube with a schedule you have in place is highly recommended when you are trying to boost your page views and the number of subscribers you have on your YouTube channel personally. When you update your channel regularly, online subscribers, followers and users who are genuinely interested in what you have to say are more likely to take you seriously and to view your channel as credible and legitimate.

Getting to know how YouTube works and how to appeal to any target market or demographic you have in mind is essential for success online and with any type of channel you plan to run and manage yourself. The more you understand about the YouTube community and how to appeal to larger groups and demographics online, the easier it becomes to reach any intended audience, whether you are interested in appealing to teens, parents or even the elderly who are not as familiar with technology themselves.


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