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10 Great Examples of Facebook Call to Actions

James Parsons • Updated on October 12, 2023
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10 Great Examples of Facebook Call to Actions

Since Facebook launched their new call to action button, pages have begun putting it to use. This, in conjunction with the existing means to a CTA, like the cover photo and the typical page post, compounds the resources businesses have to make a call to action.

As a business looking to implement a good CTA yourself, you should probably investigate some of the best existing CTAs to see what works and what doesn’t. Here are some great examples.

1. Search Engine Journal

SEJ has a nice large cover photo as a call to action on their page. It’s a pleasant image that meshes well with the Facebook color scheme, which adds to the ability for the white text to stand out. The title of the event in brushstrokes is a little hard to read, but it does combine with the beach image to give the air of a vacation. The image also includes both a URL and a hashtag for the event. SEJ is savvy enough, of course, to include additional information and a link in the description of the image.

One thing SEJ might want to do to further promote the event is use the Facebook CTA button up to with the “sign up” or “book now” options, linking to the invite request URL.

2. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is one of the largest video game companies in the world, but their page could stand a few optimizations. First, the good: the top bar tabs include two custom entries, one for job applications and one for contacting their customer service, which they realize most of their visitors will want to do at some point or another. Additionally, their December 20th post – currently the top post on their page – is a large graphical CTA for Hearthstone on Android devices.

Now the bad: their cover photo has no included call to action, their news feed posts don’t use CTA buttons and their page has no overall CTA button, which could easily link to something related to the cover photo.

3. Budweiser

Bud is one of the larger and more generally known alcohol producers, and their Facebook page is set up for Christmas. The top cover photo in particular is a special holiday product draped with seasonal decorations, and their top post is a video commercial for additional engagement. They could improve, perhaps, through a CTA button, but the best kind of CTA isn’t available through Facebook’s system here.

4. Webs

The web design company Webs is in full holiday spirit with their profile picture draped in Christmas lights. Their cover photo is more restrained, using a classic CTA with large, bold text and generally creative examples of web design in the back. They also use the “sign up” CTA button and link it directly to their registration page on their website.

5. Dollar Shave Club

DSC has run on viral power almost since its inception, but it has grown quite a following. They were also the prime example of the CTA button used by Facebook in their announcement of the button, which gives them some exemplary power. They haven’t taken to the holidays in their profile picture or their cover photo, however. Their most recent post is a themed Christmas post, at least, though the CTA attached is sort of tacked on. They do make sure to include a good CTA in their About section, however.

6. BBC America

One of something like twelve million verified BBC accounts on Facebook, BBC America is all about Doctor Who for this season. Their cover photo is an advertisement for the upcoming Christmas special, complete with air times. Their top post is a roundup article and a selection of the rest of their posts are Who related. They know their audience and they’re catering to them in full force. They could be a little clever and use the top CTA button for a “book now” that leads to a calendar with the episode showtimes, though.

7. Marvel Entertainment

Marvel goes all-in with their movie promotion when they release a movie, and right now their page is still trailing with Guardians of the Galaxy. The CTA in question here is the cover photo, which includes a large graphical depiction of the movie along with the dates for the DVD release of the film.

Beyond that, however, the Marvel page is something less than marvelous. They could stand to use CTAs in a few more places, though to be fair, Marvel isn’t exactly a company struggling to make ends meet for the holiday season.

8. Twitter

Yes, Twitter has a Facebook page, though you would think they don’t need it. One glance at the top of their account shows two distinct CTAs.

The first CTA is in their cover photo, which is advertising their 2014 year in review. Several other companies, Google included, are doing the same sort of annual retrospective, so it’s not unusual. They have bubbles of iconic images, but they have carefully avoided the most divisive of issues.

The second CTA is in their top post, regarding their seasonal #NFL hashtag to encourage everyone to follow their favorite sport on the site.

9. Monstercat

This electronic record label uses their cover photo as a great illustration and CTA for the newest compilation album they’re releasing, helpfully labeled their 20th release. Fans of Monstercat recognize the album cover format immediately. This ties in to their top bar app, which links directly to a page to listen to and purchase the album. Following down the page, you get their most recent post, illustrating their holiday sale wherein you can buy the album and get a second copy to share for the season.

10. ShortStack

The app developer ShortStack is featured frequently for their progressive social media usage, but right now there’s nothing truly spectacular about their page. They’re noteworthy because they’re one of the few pages that uses the CTA button, though they don’t tie it in to anything else.

Dishonorable Mention: Hubspot

Take a look at Hubspot’s cover photo. See the text at the bottom? They’re talking about attention-grabbing Facebook ads, but their own advertisement is covered up by their Facebook industry selection and their like button. Come on Hubspot, you’re better than this.


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