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The Top 25 Facebook Business Page Apps for Marketing

Kenny Novak • Updated on June 15, 2022
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Facebook Page Apps for Marketing

Hey, you. You run a Facebook page, right? That’s why you’re here. You probably want to make your life a little easier, huh? That’s what technology is for, and that’s why software exists. How about you try out some of these apps, to see if they solve problems you’ve been having?

App Suites

If you’re only going to install one piece of software, or if you want one location with a bunch of different options, these are your best bets.

  1. Agora Pulse – Does everything you want it to, managing your Facebook page, along with other social sites. Excellent with analytics and reports. Works great for competitive analysis as well.
  2. Heyo – A robust suite of apps that allow you to create templates for just about anything, including contests and tab pages. Works great with mobile, which is a necessity these days.
  3. Cision – You see a lot of old lists mentioning North Social. NS was purchased by Vocus, who merged with Cision, to create one of the most robust PR and social management platforms available for any amount of money.
  4. Ripe Social – Make tabs, create portfolios, offer coupons, produce videos, manage Twitter/Facebook synchronization, create an RSS feed; you can do basically anything with Ripe.

Tab Apps

These are the apps you should turn to when you’re looking to create a unique tab on Facebook. You can integrate your other social accounts or media sources with Facebook using these apps, or you can use them to create customized frame-based web pages to use as landing pages.

  1. Tab Fusion – One of the largest names in Facebook tabs, this particular app is used by a huge variety of companies. Make tabs that do anything you want, all for a standard annual fee, with a two week money back guarantee.
  2. Tabsite – Contest apps, coupon apps, video apps, social apps, used by big names like Buick and Coldstone, what more could you ask for? How about a 14 day free trial?
  3. Shortstack – Shortstack lets you create custom apps within Facebook with specific goals in mind, such as bringing attention to an eBook or a contest, for example. They also support other social networks, including Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Contact Tab – Don’t let the sparse-looking website fool you, it’s really quite dynamic. It’s not as robust as other apps, only really designed for a contact page, but it’s completely free.

Scheduling Apps

These are the apps you’ll want to use if you’re a busy entrepreneur and don’t have time to spend managing your Facebook page at all hours. Use them to queue up posts months in advance, manage your engagement, mitigate spam and otherwise ease your busy schedule.

  1. Mass Planner – Best when used as a corporate solution or when you’re managing a large number of social networks beyond just Facebook, Mass Planer allows you to manage all of your social accounts from one central hub.
  2. HootSuite – No mention of a post scheduler would be complete without a mention of the owl HootSuite is just way too convenient in way too many ways to list in this small a space. Check it out; you’ll be glad you did.
  3. PostPlanner – Formerly a paid solution, Post Planner went free and allows you to pay for several levels of advanced versions with dozens of additional features, ranging from idea prompts to real-time insights and live support.
  4. Social Oomph – A quick and easy social management platform with a bunch of features, particularly in working between Facebook and Twitter.

Contest Apps

These are the apps you’ll want to use if you want to run a Facebook-based contest. Remember Facebook’s contest rules, avoid running a contest in a bare text post, and use your app to get opt-ins or other valuable conversions while you give away whatever strikes your fancy.

  1. Wishpond – Wishpond’s contest app has a dozen different types of contests you can use, including vote contests, hashtag contests for non-Facebook platforms, caption contests and music contests.
  2. Woobox – Used by over three million different companies, you can run any contest your mind can think up with Woobox. Yes, even that one.
  3. ShortStack – This app really works more like a central hub for social commerce than just a contest app, but the contest features are some of the coolest parts of the whole platform.
  4. Antavo – Not only do you get contest apps and integration with Antavo, you also get game integration for additional draw. Plus, customer insights help you target the right people in the right ways. You can also integrate loyalty programs through the app.
  5. Snap App – Designed as an interactive contest app platform, you can do a lot of cool things with real user interaction rather than just static opt-in forms like a lot of other apps provide.

Misc. Other Apps

These are the apps that didn’t warrant a category of their own. They do everything from help you set up a page to help you integrate a wealth of other forms of content on your page. Check them out!

  1. Networked Blogs – Set several blogs to publish their stories through your Facebook feed, taking some of the effort out of creating customized Facebook posts every time you post on a blog.
  2. GroSocial – A number of features are involved with this app, but the primary one is a set of great templates that let you create pages and apps in a flash.
  3. Page Modo – Create cover photos, create contests, custom tabs, design posts, schedule posts, Page Modo has it all. Some of the most beautiful cover photo – tab app synchronizations have come from this app.
  4. Fan of the Week – A simple app that allows you to pick a random fan each week to feature on your page. Great for small audiences who appreciate being recognized.
  5. PollDaddy – No more links to survey monkey! Run polls directly from your Facebook page.
  6. LiveChat – Offers a live chat for Facebook users, without relying on the Facebook messaging system.
  7. Ecwid – Perhaps the best e-commerce solution designed to work primarily in Facebook, Ecwid can get you started just by adding a bit of information. It also allows global sales support and responsive design.


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