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List of 25 Facebook Ad Management Companies to Hire

Published by James Parsons on 01/09/2018
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Facebook Ad Management Company

You know it, I know it, we all know it; managing Facebook ads is a tedious and time-consuming process. It’s also one area where there are a ton of businesses out there perfectly willing to do it for you, for a fee. Outsourcing is perfectly valid when you have more money than time, so why not give it a shot?

I’ve put together a list of 25 potential companies you could hire, along with very brief descriptions of anything that makes them stand out. I’ve also broken them up by general budget level. Lower budget companies work with businesses with a budget of $100-$1,000 per month. Middle budget companies work with a much wider array of mid-sized brands, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. High budget companies are the smallest section, because I know most of my audience isn’t in the range of spending more than $10,000 per month just on Facebook ads. Even so, a few choices are there, in case you’re one of those customers.

Always remember that this list is far from exhaustive. It also isn’t an indication of quality of service; obviously, I haven’t used all of these companies before I mention them. Use your own best judgment, look up reviews, and make sure they’re a fit for your niche and business before you sign a contract.

Lower Budget Companies

1. Lyfe Marketing

This company has average costs of $400 to $600 per month. Pricing varies based on how many social media campaigns you want to run at a time; they do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels, as well as website SEO and even web design if you’re interested in those services as well.

Lyfe Marketing

They also have a one-time setup fee of $150 when you sign on to their service, which hooks you up to analytics, their social media management platform, and the creation of ad accounts if you don’t already have them.

2. eBrandz

eBrandz is an old and familiar name in marketing circles. Their Facebook marketing includes all organic and paid aspects of Facebook, ranging from setting up an account to engaging with customers to managing Facebook ads.


Purely organic management starts at $139, plus an additional $140 for managing ads, per month of course. They will also run contests, make tab apps, make videos, and provide additional progress reports for additional fees.

3. eBoost Consulting

eBoost is a consulting company with two offices, one base din San Diego and one in Boulder.

Eboost Consulting

They’re sort of a hybrid between consulting and guidance, working with you for your advertising rather than taking it completely out of your hands. Be prepared for structured interviews, audience overviews, industry reviews, and a long-term strategy.

4. Burlington Bytes

Burlington Bytes, not affiliated with the coat factory, is a Vermont-based company and represents many more local companies I didn’t dig up to promote.

Burlington Bytes

They tend to prefer clients in their relative geographic area, and for every state, and even every region within a state, I bet you can find a handful of different marketing agencies catering to local businesses.

5. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is not technically an ad management company; it’s an ad management platform provided by Hootsuite. I list it because it’s cheap – ranging from $50 to $500 per month based on your ad spend – and because they have an “automatic optimization” feature. You still have to create the basic skeleton of your ad campaigns, but you can let their automatic processes tweak them and optimize those ads over time. That is, after all, a large part of what you’re paying these companies to do.

Middle Budget Companies

6. Voy Media

Voy Media does Facebook ads, as well as Instagram ads, ad copywriting, and retargeting. Their plans start at $400 per month, but they scale up to $9,900 per month.

Voy Media

Pricing is based on a percentage of your ad spend on Facebook; they take a cut of the money you pass through them. Depending on the scale of your ad spend, they also provide a personal contact number for your consultant, real time analytics, and reporting that grows more frequent the higher your plan.

7. Pushfire

Pushfire does PPC management on a variety of channels, including Google, Bing, and Facebook. They also offer web design services if you’re so inclined. Fees start at $1,000 per month for management plus a percentage of your total ad spend, and will vary based on how many channels and how many keywords you’re targeting with your advertising.

8. Marketing Mojo

Marketing Mojo handles SEO for your site, online advertising through a variety of different channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, analytics consulting to help you interpret data, and site audits to go over your entire web presence.

Marketing Mojo

Online advertising specifically starts at $5,000 per month and requires a three month commitment.

9. Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay is an agency, dedicated to “smarter search marketing”, though they handle pay per click advertising as well. In addition to managed PPC ads on Google and Facebook, they give you access to their professional software tools. Rates depend not just on your ad spend, but on the competition in your niche as well. Fees range from 7.5% to 12% of your ad spend, with a minimum monthly fee of $1,950.

10. JumpFly

JumpFly is willing to manage the Facebook advertising for companies of basically any size, but they don’t start off cheap. Their smallest level is $5,000 ad spend, with their fee being $800 per month for management.


This scales up until you reach $18,000 for their monthly fee, for managing up to $300,000 in ad spend. Higher than that and their fee switches to 6% of whatever your ad spend happens to be.

11. Emboss Web Works

Given the level of client this company works with, I would venture to guess that they’re on the higher end of mid-level budgets and will work with most people. They do web design, marketing, social media and reputation management, alongside SEO, video, photography, content marketing, and even signage for events.

High Budget Companies

12. AdvertiseMint

First of the “high roller” companies here, AdvertiseMint starts with a fee of 30% of your ad spend, when ad spend is between $5,000 and $15,000 per month. It scales all the way up to 10% of your spend up to $250,000 per month, or 5% of anything higher.


If you have that high a budget, this is certainly one valuable option for you to consider. They don’t have a setup fee, they provide you with an account manager, and they give you monthly reports on your performance for all but the highest tiers. Highest tiers have on-demand real-time reporting.

13. iProspect

Named one of the top digital marketing agencies by Forrester research, iProspect caters to the top-tier brands. Some of their clients include General Motors, Adidas, Hilton, and Microsoft. If you count yourself among those kinds of top brands, you can request a quote and see how much it will run you to get them working on your case.

14. CreativeThirst

A unique company, CreativeThirst focuses 100% on medical and health supplement companies.

Creative Thirst

They work for the people who sell products through Dr. Oz, through major online pharmacies, and other large sources of traffic. Specifically, they prefer to work with companies that have a monthly revenue of at least a million dollars, as well as a continuous stream of traffic, rather than a brief flash in the pan.

15. Digital Marketing Agency

Given that this company does all forms of digital marketing, from enterprise-level SEO to PPC to WordPress development, and that they have offices around the globe ranging from Singapore to Australia to India to California, I assume they cater to high end clients. They might have services available to smaller brands, but I wouldn’t bank a bonus on it.

16. iAnalyst

I have no idea what the actual pricing is for this company, but just look at their list of clients.


They have worked with Playstation, the AARP, Reebok, Costco, Audi, and BMW. Those kinds of companies don’t have small budgets, right? Anyways, they do Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram advertising, as well as Google display and search advertising, SEO, and web design.

No Public Pricing

This last category is a catch-all for the companies that probably work with mid-sized businesses and high-end businesses, but don’t publicly list their pricing. If you visit their site and are interested in what they have to offer, go ahead and request a quote.

17. Visibility and Conversions

In addition to traditional digital pay per click marketing and specialized social media marketing, V+C will also do ecommerce marketing, marketing specifically via video channels, remarketing, SEO, and specialized web analytics. They’re based out of Myrtle Beach, if their location matters to you. I know some brands like to focus on local businesses they can drop in and have a chat with.

18. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive isn’t necessarily as, well, disruptive as they claim to be, since their services run a fairly standard range of possibilities. They have PPC management with “weekly” optimizations, which they present as more frequent than average when it’s really not.

Disruptive Advertising

They also do LinkedIn, display advertising, retargeting, and specialized AdWords services like addressing suspension and auditing your campaigns.

19. Greybox Creative

Greybox is what you might consider pretty standard by this point in the article. They do web development, SEO, pay per click marketing, and social media marketing. Personally, I’m not sure I would trust their web development, given how word-wall their site design is. It looks more like a newspaper or a magazine than it does a website. Still, all that matters with Facebook PPC is results, so who cares if their site design isn’t up to par.

20. Brand the Globe

Another standard company, though these guys seem to focus heavily on rich media and video content. They do web design, PPC through Google, Facebook, and YouTube, general organic social media management, brand building, brand ambassador creation, product marketing, video production, and influencer marketing. Again, they have no public pricing except one niche page I had to dig to find, which listed their web design prices and nothing else.

21. Visible Factors

Visible Factors is another probably-large-scale company that nevertheless doesn’t list their pricing publicly.

Visible Factor

I don’t know about you, but I personally kind of hate when a company hides their pricing. It almost always means they charge more than their service is actually worth, in exchange for an air of exclusivity. Regardless, Visible Factors does social media marketing, mobile app marketing, content marketing, reputation management, PPC, and SEO.

22. Elite Pegasus

Isn’t it interesting how virtually every marketing company professes that they’re “the best at what we do”? I wonder if there has ever been a successful company that didn’t claim to be heads and shoulders above their competitors, even when they’re clearly Just Another Random Company. In this case, I’m sure their services are perfectly acceptable, though their client list includes no one I’ve ever heard of before.

23. Digital Stairway

At this point, I’ve more or less given up looking for pricing information. No one seems to want to give out their pricing; it’s so rare it makes me wonder why. What possible advantage comes from hiding pricing unless you’re dramatically over-charging?

Digital Stairway

Even then, some companies do reveal their pricing information, so there’s always a benchmark you can use. Just a head’s up; if any of these no-price-listed companies charges significantly more for the same services than the mid-tier companies above, they’re probably not worth the price.

24. Gravitate Design

There’s nothing that really makes Gravitate stand out to me, except perhaps a slicker website than many of those I’ve listed. They do offer web design and resold web hosting as well, but that’s not really within the scope of this article to review.

25. WPromote

WPromote is one of those companies that has reached such heights that they have put together a “university” of guides, blog posts, and resources you can access on your own if you want to learn while they manage your Facebook for you. The guides aren’t necessarily all that great, but they’re serviceable and free. Unfortunately, their ad management is not free, and they don’t tell you how much it costs.


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