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What are Instagram comments?

Instagram comments are the number of people that have said something about your photo. If you have a lot of likes and followers and very few comments, it can look strange to your followers, and may even hurt your photo visibility. Thats where our Instagram comments service comes in; we can significantly increase the amount of comments on your photos by increasing the amount of views to your photo.

Can I control what these comments say?

Unfortunately, there's no way to pre-determine what the comments will say on your photo. All we can do is find users to get the conversation started or comment on your photo, but we can't force them to say something they wouldn't normally say. Real engagement is the best engagement, and there's no substitute for that. We'll find real people to share their thoughts on your photo, and we're the industry leader in Instagram marketing and cultivating follower engagement.

Do I really need to buy Instagram comments?

Absolutely. Engagement is what makes or breaks and Instagram account, and if your photos have very few likes and comments, your content isn't going to perform as well. When your followers see an image that has plenty of engagement, likes, and comments, they will be much more inclined to like and comment on it as well and contribute to the conversation. What's easier, contributing to what somebody else has to say, or starting a fresh new conversation / comment yourself? Starting conversations and leaving comments on images will get the conversation started and will cultivate engagement.

How many comments should I order?

It depends on the size of your profile. If you have 100 followers and only a few dozen photos, it doesn't make sense to suddenly have thousands of comments on your latest photo. That doesn't look natural. Conversely, if you have a very large account, ordering a small amount of comments may be a drop in the pond and may even go un-noticed. Order a number that makes sense for your page, but in the end, there is no right or wrong number of comments, and there's no such thing as having an Instagram photo be "too popular", especially if you're a business!

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