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How to Make Facebook the Star of Your Marketing Plan

James Parsons • Updated on April 25, 2024
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With nearly one billion users, Facebook is by far the most popular social media network, and it is the site where you are most likely to reach your target audience and customers. You no longer need a million-dollar marketing budget to attract clients and boost brand loyalty; all you need is a Facebook page and these effective tactics to make it the star of your marketing campaign.

Post Content Daily

Facebook does not take a day off, and neither should your fan page. Foster engagement by posting at least once a day. Share compelling content from your own blog or links to other articles of interest. The prime time to post business content is Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Bridge Your Marketing Efforts

Use your online and offline marketing strategies to reinforce each other. Hang signs in your store encouraging shoppers to “like” your Facebook page, then bring the point home by printing it on table tent cards, receipts and business cards. Put the info anywhere you can so that your customers can easily find you on Facebook.

Similarly, use your fan page to draw customers to your retail establishment. Post special codes online that give in-store discounts, share directions to your store and advertise events.

Highlight Special Fans

Recognize your most loyal customers or highlight new ones by making their picture your cover photo for a day. Include links to their websites and give recognition to those who guest post on your blog. These simple tactics show your customers you appreciate them and encourages people to reach out to you directly.

Hold a Contest

Build “likes” and increase brand awareness by offering prizes to your most loyal fans, those who use your product most inventively or those who draw in the most new “likes” in a given time period.

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Foster two-way communication and build personal connections by posting engaging questions. For instance, if you are a wedding planner, ask your fans what the most memorable part of their special day was. If you are a clothing retailer, ask fans to describe their favorite outfit. You can encourage fans to participate even more by posting surveys or quizzes related to your business.

Use Visuals Generously

Photos are shared more on Facebook than posts. Give your fans plenty of reasons to click “share” by posting interesting, funny or attractive photos of your business or product.

Post Quality Content

Before you hit “post,” ask yourself these questions: Does the content engage our fans? Does it add value to the page? Is it entertaining, compelling or informative? Will it encourage fans to click “share” or include a call to action?

Invest in Facebook Ads

Part of the beauty of Facebook is that it is free, but investing just $50 per month in Facebook ads can boost your coverage and bring in new clients. These focused ads are targeted toward your key audience and will ultimately result in more “likes” for your page. Facebook-sponsored stories are also a good investment because of their high click-through rate.


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