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It’s Possible to Buy Real Likes Without Facebook Ads

James Parsons • Updated on June 1, 2022
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Cheap Way to Buy Facebook Likes

Facebook likes are essential if you are trying social marketing. Likes give your profile authority, make you look like a quality supplier of information and they show that people appreciate what you are doing. Most profiles with many likes tend to get more followers and additional likes from these people. At the same time, Facebook likes tend to be expensive. There are many services that sell affordable likes, but you should know that there are some dangers to buying cheap likes.

Fake Likes

There are many websites that sell Facebook likes for close to nothing, but you shouldn’t use these services. You need to understand how these likes are generated to see why it’s such a bad idea. These often disappear after a couple weeks (especially likes from places like Fiverr) and will do nothing for your social presence.

There are several ways of generating fake likes, but all of them are damaging to your profile. The most popular way is for the service provider to create, buy or hijack thousands of Facebook profiles. The provider will then force these accounts to place a like on your page. The likes will look real, but they won’t help your social media marketing efforts.

The other common way of generating fake likes is by using software that will instantly deliver the likes on your profile. This is effective for getting many likes, but they are also worthless. This can actually put your account in danger because Facebook might accuse you hacking or manipulating the system.

Another danger is that most of these likes only last about a month or two before disappearing. You will end up spending money on a worthless service that won’t help your marketing efforts whatsoever.

Real Likes

Does this mean that everyone selling Facebook likes for an affordable price is bad? Not at all. There are many service providers like BoostLikes that sell real likes for an affordable price (shameless plug).

These likes are generated from real people that are actually interested in what you are selling or doing with your profile. This is done by promoting your profile through external websites until a specified number of people like your Facebook page. This is very safe, effective and the likes won’t disappear after a few months.

It takes a bit longer to find service providers that are selling real likes, but they are out there. These are obviously the best providers because they will increase the value of your profile without generating fake likes.

What Is The Difference?

Fake likes are usually much cheaper than real likes, but that’s the only benefit of buying fake likes. These are the likes that you typically find from Fiverr and other very cheap providers.

If you buy real likes, then the people that liked your page will often interact with you. This builds the value of your profile, starts conversations that can lead to sales and it makes you look much more active. Fake likes will never interact with your profile because most of the likes are generated through bots and manipulation.

Real likes will last forever. Fake likes will often disappear after a few months for one reason or another. If you want to spend money on a service that will really help your business, then real likes are essential.

Many businesses that have real likes will also notice increased conversions. If you want to make more money, then you can only do this by buying real likes. Businesses that buy fake likes often have a much harder time getting people to buy from them.


While it can be difficult to find service providers like BoostLikes that sell affordable Facebook likes, they are out there. You should never buy fake likes because they will hurt your social media marketing. Real likes can improve conversions, last for life and they interact with your page.


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