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How to Increase Your YouTube Video Search Rankings

Kenny Novak • Updated on February 2, 2024
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If you run an online business, you should use YouTube to increase your presence on the Internet. This is not easy as there is plenty of competition and you will have to work hard to rise to the top. While this is true, with some hard work and a little research, you can find the best solution for your needs when you want to do well with YouTube. With this in mind, here are six tips to increase your YouTube search rankings.

Post all over the place

When you want to increase in the SEO rankings for a video, you should place it on multiple sites. For starters, you must link to your YouTube video from your website. Also, with your social media accounts, you should also post videos and encourage followers to share with their friends. With plenty of links pointing to your videos, you will rise in the ranks for some valuable search terms. You will enjoy a side benefit as you can get more clicks from social media fans. Finally, you should try to post your video on forums and other websites.

When going to relevant places to share your YouTube video, you will rise for some organic search terms as Google values a video with a variety of links. If you can take this seriously in the beginning, you will not have to do it in the long-term as people will, naturally, share your video with others. But, in the early stages of your company, you should try to take this proactive approach to getting more views.

The right tags and description

If you have a website, you should know all about tags and description. Sadly, many skip this when uploading a video to YouTube. This is a mistake, and you should try to use the right tags and descriptions for every video. Then, when people search on Google, they will find your clip if you use the ideal search terms.

Just like with website SEO, you should do your research and make sure to use relevant keywords people will regularly use to find your content. With this step, you will go a long way in helping your cause as Google and the leading search engines will pore over this and reward your video clip with great rankings if you write a compelling and keyword-rich description.

Encourage sharing and comments

Within your video description, you should also try to get people to share. When your followers can message, email or post on their Facebook, they can get your video plenty of views from all over. Since the popularity of a video will help with rankings, this is a common sense step one must take. To take it further, if you have an extremely popular video, you should manage the comments section and try to respond quickly.


With an interactive and fun experience, the watcher is likely to like what you have to say and do. Then, over time, the video will grow in popularity and your viewership and rankings will soar. If you do one thing right, it should be this step. If you have a great video and can market it in a smart manner, you can see it go viral. When this occurs, your website will gain plenty of traffic and you will zoom in the SEO rankings for both it and your videos. Finally, while doing this, you should try to act fast as Google will notice when a video owner is responsive and cares about his or her followers.

Make the best video, every time

If you want to succeed in the long run, you will want to provide quality content. This is true for your website, blog and social media posts. This is also true for your videos. Obviously, if you can find more viewers and attract more subscribers, your videos will grow in popularity, and quickly. To create a great video, you must do a few things. For starts, you should try to keep it short. With a three to five-minute video, you can get your point across and not overwhelm a person. Just as importantly, with a short video, you can bring in a person and keep their interest and watch them spend money. However, do not ignore the value of a good production as you should know most people will not like a cheap looking clip on a dark background. Luckily, if you can do this consistently, you will see your videos gain in the rankings, all with little marketing effort on your end.

More videos

If you can, you need to upload videos often. Ideally, you should post one or two a week as you will show YouTube you are an important part of the site. Google will take notice and give more credence to your videos as they want to rank authority higher than others. This will help you in other areas as you will gain more followers. You should provide great videos regularly as your clients will love to check them out and share them.

As a side bonus, you will see your videos rise to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Since this is a wise move to make, you should have no trouble justifying an investment in more videos. If you struggle to find ideas, you should look to your customer’s questions, comments and concerns. Then, you can request opinions. If you approach this with tact and ask the right questions, you can find out what video topics people want to see. Remember, to stand out and build a viable online presence with your YouTube videos, you must post often.

Write and upload a transcript

To see your content crawled quickly, you need to write a transcript and upload it to YouTube. Then, Google and the major players will read your transcript and rank your content accordingly. While doing this step, you should include the keyword often and in the beginning of the content. When creating a keyword-rich and effective transcript, you can help your rankings tremendously.

Since many lazy Internet marketers forget to do this, you can help your cause and zoom to the top. With a short investment in time, you can help meet your long-term goals on YouTube.


If you want to succeed on YouTube, you must first concentrate on providing quality, every time. While it is easy to worry about marketing and branding, you should realize that quality matters. If you can accept this and exploit it to the fullest, you can see your videos help your cause. There are a few ways you can help your videos. While this is true, you must follow the common sense approach and write readable and informative descriptions. At the same time, just like with your website and Facebook page, you should provide content often by uploading videos once or twice a week.

When doing all this and running a formidable campaign, you should find your videos naturally doing well in Google and the other search engines. Remember, if you follow these tips, because most people will not try as hard as you, you will have a huge advantage in the long run as the videos will rise in the ranks.




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